If someone knows VC++, MFC and SQL Server, at least 2 years experience, try send your Resume to vcppprogrammer@yahoo.com, you may have chance, but not guarantee,
-cartclt(student) 2002-8-2
hmm, I know VC++ and MFC, but nothing about SQL. Will that be okay? also, would you please describe the position a little bit? TIA!
-lusi(丑小鸭) 2002-8-2
no database application experience is difficult to do the project, there are some application by using SQL Server, and more ....
-cartclt(student) 2002-8-2
If it could be flexible, I can participate the design, guide the developers or supervise the development. I am a veteran in the fields you require, but can not accept it as a job.
-aiattendant(soho.aimoo.com) 2002-8-2
Dear friends, Thankyou for your support, please stop sending your resume now, I will post new information on next chance, have a good weekend,
-cartclt(student) 2002-8-2
Is that position closed? Thank you!
-bugkiller(bugkiller) 2002-8-3