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    BC Townhalls 2024 Announcement

    Dear Concerned Citizens:

    Many volunteers are working in the background to help bring awareness to the Citizens of BC and this letter is a request for your much appreciated help no matter how small.

    Are you concerned about the future of BC?

    • Do you want to protect yourself, your family and your community?

    • Do you believe your government officials at all levels should be accountable to the public?

    • Do you sometimes feel powerless to change things?

    • Are you concerned by government overreach being influenced by unelected foreign organizations?

    • Do you wonder what is being hidden from you?

    If you answered YES to any of these questions, then here’s what you need to know:

    The purpose of BCTownhalls2024 is to hold

    in-person community events (TownHalls) across BC


    • Our communities and province are in trouble. Most people do not know about bills and laws introduced in BC that will significantly affect your life, such as access to health care and property ownership.
    • We all need to start listening & talking to each other about the issues that affect us
    • A series of Townhall information meetings is starting in March 2024.
    • A professional team of medical, business, and administrative experts and event planners have put together a packaged template to help YOU organize a successful event. WE are ALL VOLUNTEERS!
    • Several bills have been passed that impact your health, housing and property.

    Bill 36 HPOA - Health Professions and Occupations Act

    Targets health professionals with punitive measures (fines, possible imprisonment, removing licenses) for speaking out against the government narrative.

    Please visit Canadian Society for Science and Ethics in Medicine for further details on Bill 36 HPOA, including printed materials, educational videos and presentations.

    Bill 31 - Emergency and Disaster Management Act

    Deals with “Emergencies” including health and climate.

    Gives the Provincial Government “General power to do all things necessary” when there is a 'perceived' emergency.

    Section 76 allows the Minister to

    • "...appropriate, use or control the use of any personal property...", and
    • "...require the alteration, removal or demolition of any trees, crops, structures or landscapes ... "

    Section 78 allows the Minister to order, control or prohibit:

    • "...travel to or from any area"
    • "...the carrying on of a business or a type of business"
    • "...an event or a type of event"

    Bills 4446 & 47 - Housing Amendment Acts

    • Eliminates public participation in community planning, which takes authority away from property owners and municipalities.

    • Neighbourhoods and high-transit areas will favour high-rises and multi-family homes.

    International Policy and Provincial Policies and Act

    Introduces 'safer supply' with easier access to dangerous, and often addictive, drugs without age restrictions.

    Our goal is to:

    • Empower individuals and communities.
    • Provide you with the knowledge on how to create a successful event.
    • Support you along the way.
    • Help you create what you want to see in your community with respectful communications and working together to do so.

    YOU can help, here’s how:

    We need YOUR energy and passion to organize/help out to create a Town Hall that will provide important educational information to your community.

    You can help by simply attending and bringing a friend who doesn't know about these bills.

    We have done a lot of the heavy work, figured out what these bills mean and how they will affect you. We’ve also put together a set of tools and contacts to make this as easy as possible.

    We are not affiliated with any political, government or lobbyist organization.

    BCTownhalls2024 is non-partisan and community-based.

    We are volunteers that want to work together with you.

    Your local community needs you! Be the change you want to see!

    Please join us…WE NEED YOU!

    Plan your Townhall for March or April 2024

    Please Sign up to help by filling in this form:

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    Want to know how YOU can help?!

    Contact us at info@bctownhalls2024.ca


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