• Malware vs Virus Malware vs Virus

    The comparison between the human body's reaction to a virus and a computer's response to malware is significant. Just as malware infects a computer, causing it to malfunction while replicating, viruses enter human body and trigger an immune response.

    Unfortunately, there are instances where viruses are deliberately created by virologists and scientists for various reasons, including financial gain. This unethical practice has led to some industries profiting immensely from the sale of vaccines and treatments for these manufactured viruses.

    Will this cycle of greed and manipulation stop? It's doubtful.

    Any comments are welcome.

    • You remind me the anti-virus software business
      • The need for antivirus protection never ends.
        • Interestingly, the Mac systems don't really need it.
          • It's true that mac tends to have fewer vulnerabilities compared to Windows. Why do most apps primarily offer a Windows version and have fewer options for mac? Is it due to higher costs and increased complexity?
            • Windows PC has a bigger market share. Mac used to be too expensive to buy.
              • I felt overwhelmed when switching between the two systems.
                • Windows does a better job in user experience.
                  • Much user friendly, I hate there is no right click button on the Magic Mouse.
          • MacOS is based on Unix/Linux system, much more robust.
            • There was a very active user, an IT celebrity, (HP IBM Unix) +1