Big Blue Planet Not Blue Enough by Ramy Zhang -johnson110(john) 2019-4-22
It's a good idea. And I also get some thoughts.

Water (I mean, fresh water resource) is an issue in certain countries/areas.  However, the root cause of the issues is not really related to water, it's related to the system, social system or democratic system.

For example, California and some other Southwestern states have a shortage of water resource.  It's simply too dry over there in summer.  However, with a well educated and highly civilized population, plus a fair democratic system, people are doing well with it.  They find a way to deal with it.  We never heard about any riots or water refugee from Arizona, right? :)

I fully believe that blockchain would be very useful to manage water resources.  However, it would be only possible to do so in a democratic society with highly civilized population. (The civility of people is important, since democracy only reflects the majority of people's civilization level.  Bad people get pad gov.  This could be another long article.)

By the way, hi-tech can somehow ease the water crisis.  I saw a video some time before and shared it on Rolia.



-sailor(Ocean & Mountain) 2019-4-22
It's a good idea. And I also get some thoughts.