• 请问谁有CSC考试的check 可share 一下?
    • 我有。但是check中只有1-2道题在考试中可以看到。我还有更好的练习题,保证你通过。可以email我:lucyliu360@gmail.com
      • Thanks a lot! Emailed you!
      • 你好,也能发给我一份吗?
        你好,我也在考CSC呢,你的check 也能发给我一份吗?谢谢啦 我的e-mail: erinyu0224@live.com
      • 能发给我一份吗
        你好,我也在考CSC呢,你的check 也能发给我一份吗?谢谢啦 我的e-mail: genrhe@hotmail.com
      • Hi Lucy, Can you send me a copy as well. Thank you very much.
      • Do you mind send me a copy at cnzhangzhan@hotmail.com. Thanks a lot
      • 你好,能发给我一份吗?非常感谢 please check PM.
    • Please send a copy to me at p_xiaofang@yahoo.ca Thank you in advance.
    • pls send me to tanxiaoming@gmail.com thanks!
      • please send a copy to me jerrychen5@hotmail.com thanks.
    • can i ask why you guys to pass the CSC, What's the benefit for passing CSC.
      • CSC is a "must" or an asset to get a job in financial service industry