• 一中介朋友急寻model vetting人才,Director级别年薪140K左右另加Bonus 17% - 30% 一中介朋友急寻model vetting人才,Director级别年薪140K左右另加Bonus 17% - 30%

    1)Assess potential model risks and limitations in line with the intended use and specification of the model;

    2)Review model specifications and functionality and results to be consistent with corporate risk management strategy and overall company policies;

    3)Manage and train staff on advanced asset and stochastic modelling methodologies;

    4)Prepare and present vetting reports with a thorough illustration of model risk assessment and the associated documentation;

    5)Provide consulting support on application of stochastic models in product development, pricing and actuarial valuation to all developers and business units;

    6)Verify model implementation by replicating the core analytics.

    • Salary seriously over-stated. Director of Model Vetting at Manulife base salary around 100~110K. Bonus target 17% but given the performance of the company it will be around 17%. No misleading please.
      • I copied the info from friend and don't know the company name. But I do know that pay range for the same job level in the same company can vary more than 30K, yours 10K seems too narrow... And how the heck you judge it's misleading?
        • Manulife的薪水一直偏低...
        • I can tell you the job is from Manulife. It is very obvious. And why I can say this is misleading? Because I know the hiring manager of this job doesn't even make $130K base.
          • really, you can tell me... so you run Manulife or you run the job agency, or perhaps you know every signle model vetting job posted in Toronto? Tell me why I have to mislead anyone here, for what?
    • LZ copied message from an agent. He/she is not responsible for the accuracy.
      • I wonder whether that is true. Isn't zhang ziyi is suing some HK newspaper for publishing false information obtained from another source? Besides, that is not the point. The point is the msg itself is misleading. I don't care where it comes from.
        • Then sue me, LOL... Grow up - you've never learned not to judge people? How you climbed up to AVP/VP in Manulife, if it's not so funny it would be so sad
          • As I said, that is not the point. The point is the msg itself is misleading. I want the candidate to know the true picture before bringing business to you and *your friend*. I am honest. And you get rewarded when you are honest. :)