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  • 芝加哥家庭旅馆请问: 芝加哥有华人经营的家庭旅馆吗? 如有, 请提供联系方式? 谢谢 芝加哥家庭旅馆
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  • Trivia Questions,你对芝加哥了解有多少. :) Trivia Questions,你对芝加哥了解有多少. :)
    • ○  Trivia Question 1芝加哥的哪一座建筑被认为是世界上第一座SKYSCRAPER
      1. Willis Tower
      2. Home Insurance Building
      3. John Hancock Tower
      4. Auditorium Building
      5. Tribune Tower
    • ●  Trivia Question 21871年芝加哥大火据信是由一头牛踢翻一盏灯引起的,这头牛的主人是:
      1. Mr. Bradley
      2. Mrs. Francis
      3. Mrs. O’Leary
      4. Mr. Abril
      5. Mrs. Yvonet
      • ○  答案是Mrs. O’Leary据传说1871年芝加哥的大火是由Mrs. O’Leary养的一头牛踢翻了油灯引起的。就是这神奇的一腿,烧毁了3.3平方英里的大部分建筑。没有这一腿可能也不会有现在的芝加哥。

    • ●  Trivia Question 3在美国1920-1933年禁酒令期间芝加哥人最喜爱的酒精饮料是
      1. Golden Cadillac
      2. Yak-Yak Bourbon
      3. Harvey WAllbanger
      4. Angry German
      5. 二锅头
  • 来露个脸。有加拿大来的兄弟姐妹都来吱一声吧。 来露个脸。有加拿大来的兄弟姐妹都来吱一声吧。
    • ○  好地方。Chicago had more than a thousand known brothels. In any given week, about 4,400 women are working on street in Chicago, turning a combined 1.6 million tricks a year for 175,000 different men.
      • ○  Gee, how did you find out that? It has and it still has as you said. Chicago's water front is prettier than Toronto's. And one of the top universities in the worst neighborhood.
        • ○  read in an economic book about supply and demand. 100 years ago, Everleigh Club butterflies charges $1250 per customer. now, a high-end girl charges $500 per hour, but the bottom ones only ask for $12,
          • ○  $12? May be HIV positive then.
            • ○  men who use street prostitutes have a surprisingly low rate of HIV infection, less than 3 percent. (The same is not true for male customers who hire male prostitutes. their rate is above 35 percent.)
              • ○  Cool. Sounds like an expert in the industry with in-depth knowledge. Frequenter or patron of the “Levee" and Boystown Chicago?
                • ○  Nah, man. me wish me could in this billion-dollar industry. me just a guy with a curious mind.
                  • ○  You surely do and that's a good one :)
    • ●  吱。。。本人来自多伦多。
  • Anyone is working in Rosemont, Illinois? is it a good place? Thanks for your input. Anyone is working in Rosemont, Illinois? is it a good place? Thanks for your input.
    • ○  I live close to Rosemont. It's a good place. It's where Chicago's O'Hare airport is located. Clean, safe and convenient.
      • ○  Thanks Watersd! How about northbrook? If northbrook is not a good place? any suggestion to live close to northbrook? Is northbrook close to downtown Chicago?
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