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  • Queue-jumping Online with Air India Queue-jumping Online with Air India
    • β—‹  Wow! Things may be changed during the pandemic. Is everything okay now there? Stay safe wherever you are! Take care!
      • β—‹  Not really in India. The lockdown will be extended.
        • β—‹  Come back please. Prepare protective items (face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, special clothes with good coverage, energy food, etc.) as much as possible before your trips. Stay safe and in good health! You are strong! You will be fine!πŸ’ͺπŸ™
      • ●  Disproportionately black counties account for over half of coronavirus cases in the U.S. and nearly 60% of deaths, study finds
  • I can do it! I can do it!
    • β—‹  Half wheel
      • β—‹  Do you think it is hard? I really can do it easily, and stay this position as long as I want to.
        • β—‹  Wow! That's amazing! For me it's pretty hard. It took me years of practise.
          • β—‹  I do not know neither why I can do it easily. But you are still so good πŸ‘οΌŒI believe few people can do it πŸ˜„.
            • β—‹  You have a young and agile body. 😊 Keep going!
  • Repatriated from India Repatriated from India
    • β—‹  Such excruciating experience. You must feel very lucky being a Canadian!
      • β—‹  Yes I do, especially compared with other yoga students from China. Seems they never received any emails from their embassy.
        • β—‹  That was my question too...how did you get on the email list at the first place? You went to their website and sign up?
          • β—‹  Yes. There is a registration of Canadians abroad.
            • β—‹  Good to know about it. It may become an important or even critical resource of helps when encountering some special situations. I think both Canadian government and the Consulate General in Bangalore all did great jobs.πŸ‘
            • ●  Good to know. Will do it before next trip.
    • ●  Homed safely πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘! That's really an unexpected, tortuous and difficult experience! After a hard time traveling, now relax and take a good rest in home country.
      • β—‹  Although Canada is also in a lockdown mode, it's more humane and reasonable.
        • β—‹  I absolutely believe so.
    • ●  Welcome back. Even so, it never stops some Chinese here complained the government.
      • β—‹  Thanks. It's always valid to complain about the governments. They may do something well, some okay, and also some very bad. Anyway, we pay them to do the job, right?
    • ●  Congratulations sailor! Glad to know you are safe. Welcome home!
      • β—‹  Thank you!
    • ●  What a journey! A lifetime experience. Welcome back big old:)
      • β—‹  Somehow I feel that in the future travelling abroad may not be convenient anymore. Glad that I was able to have such experience.