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  • The kind of September The kind of September
    • ○  Wo Yingwen buhao🤣🤣🤣...danshi...your zhaopian ... very good😁😁😁
      • ○  Thank you! 😂
        • ○  🤗😛
  • Repatriated from India Repatriated from India
    • ○  Such excruciating experience. You must feel very lucky being a Canadian!
      • ○  Yes I do, especially compared with other yoga students from China. Seems they never received any emails from their embassy.
        • ○  That was my question too...how did you get on the email list at the first place? You went to their website and sign up?
          • ○  Yes. There is a registration of Canadians abroad.
            • ○  Good to know about it. It may become an important or even critical resource of helps when encountering some special situations. I think both Canadian government and the Consulate General in Bangalore all did great jobs.👍
            • ●  Good to know. Will do it before next trip.
    • ●  Homed safely 👍👍👏👏! That's really an unexpected, tortuous and difficult experience! After a hard time traveling, now relax and take a good rest in home country.
      • ○  Although Canada is also in a lockdown mode, it's more humane and reasonable.
        • ○  I absolutely believe so.
    • ●  Welcome back. Even so, it never stops some Chinese here complained the government.
      • ○  Thanks. It's always valid to complain about the governments. They may do something well, some okay, and also some very bad. Anyway, we pay them to do the job, right?
    • ●  Congratulations sailor! Glad to know you are safe. Welcome home!
      • ○  Thank you!
    • ●  What a journey! A lifetime experience. Welcome back big old:)
      • ○  Somehow I feel that in the future travelling abroad may not be convenient anymore. Glad that I was able to have such experience.
    • ●  A follow-up: Just got my $4000 back!
      • ○  Good! Relax! :)
        • ○  Thanks!