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  • Welcome to Rolia Forum! Welcome to Rolia Forum!
    • ○  Rolia is a great place !
      • ○  And hope I could contribute to our community in the future.
        • ○  Thank you!
    • ●  where am I now? Is here a new place?
      • ○  Yes, this is a new forum, in English only. :)
        • ○  what's the English forum for? sofa
          • ○  To be short, it's for you, the next generations, and anyone interested in different cultures.
    • ●  Congratulations!!! A very positive change indeed. Keep up the great work here. Taking 2 years or more is totally fine, better late than never. I can see a more promising future of Rolia and of our Chinese community.
      • ○  Wow! Thank you for the encouragement! Together we will make our society and community better and better. :)
    • ●  Well Said. I am glad that my children and children's children will continue to benefit here.
      • ○  Definitely!
    • ●  Support!
      • ○  Thanks Onboard!
    • ●  Travel and new experiences will boost people love life and help people soar toward the relationship their want.Our beauty comes from our experiences in life. They make us who we are, and illuminate us from the inside. Rolia is built better and better, day by day !
      • ○  Good to read this! I remember an old Chinese saying. The translation is like: Read ten thousand books; Walk ten thousand miles.
    • ●  Congrats! A great idea to attract more people in particular young CBCs to this website.//one suggestion: this site should rather be called "English Site", not “English Version". "Version" refers to same contentbut in different languages, which is not the case here.
      • ○  Thanks for your suggestion regarding "site" vs "version"! On the home page I use "Chinese Version". Do you think it's better to change it to "Chinese Site"?
    • ●  CHEER!!!
  • Cow on the street Cow on the street
    • ○  The cow is very young. It almost doesn't look like a cow. The poor cow is too skinny! Probably the location is just near a yoga school. People carry their yoga mats.
      • ○  Good observation! 😊
        • ○  The man holding a motorcycle looks like the owner or the host of the kid alike cow. As such,I have a question: when the man rides his motorcycle, how to carry or bring the small cow with him? Perhaps, he just let the cow walk fast or run after his motorcycle?
          • ○  Nope. Cows walk casually on the streets. This calf was somehow naughty or itchy with its horns so she played with it. LOL
            • ○  LOL! She(?) was childish and naughty! Perhaps she is still very brave as well, since I have read about " newborn calves are not afraid of tigers"😂. BTW, for safety reason, if you ride a motorcycle there, be very careful to avoid any running cows.
              • ○  Cows are holy in India. 😁
                • ○  ikr
    • ●  that cow looks like a lamb...