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  • Cow on the street Cow on the street
    • ○  The cow is very young. It almost doesn't look like a cow. The poor cow is too skinny! Probably the location is just near a yoga school. People carry their yoga mats.
      • ○  Good observation! 😊
        • ○  The man holding a motorcycle looks like the owner or the host of the kid alike cow. As such,I have a question: when the man rides his motorcycle, how to carry or bring the small cow with him? Perhaps, he just let the cow walk fast or run after his motorcycle?
          • ○  Nope. Cows walk casually on the streets. This calf was somehow naughty or itchy with its horns so she played with it. LOL
            • ○  LOL! She(?) was childish and naughty! Perhaps she is still very brave as well, since I have read about " newborn calves are not afraid of tigers"😂. BTW, for safety reason, if you ride a motorcycle there, be very careful to avoid any running cows.
              • ○  Cows are holy in India. 😁
                • ○  ikr
    • ●  that cow looks like a lamb...