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  • Queen and Princess Queen and Princess
    • β—‹  Watched Downton Abbey last night. Found that it's hard for me to build connection with the British monarchy or aristocracy. 😊
      • β—‹  True. I understand.
  • A quick note: I smelled A quick note: I smelled
    • β—‹  Have you got the problem fixed?
      • β—‹  Thanks for your kind concern. They are working on it now.
      • ●  I got super busy. Originally I was very busy with stress for something else recently, but last night the heating system even brought me more work to do suddenly. Now I am still eating my first meal today (very late).
      • ●  Installed a new furnace. They worked hard and I spent a lot. Thanks!😁
        • β—‹  I always complain to my husband that the money we make all go to the house.
          • β—‹  Nowadays housing is the biggest part of my living expenses.πŸ˜„
    • ●  Sounds not so right. Hopefully you have it fixed before it gets too cold.
  • The safestβ€”and maybe most honestβ€”places to live in Canada The safestβ€”and maybe most honestβ€”places to live in Canada
    • β—‹  Long time ago Toronto was safe and honest.
      • β—‹  Yes. Population growth, changes of population composition and people's or residents' background, ..., all of these factors have changed the society.
    • ●  My small town is safer than Toronto, :)
      • β—‹  Good for you! I love a safe, honest and friendly community, no matter it's in a big city or a small town.:D
  • Soup of ribs and radish Soup of ribs and radish
    • β—‹  Good jobπŸ‘! Bon appΓ©tit!
      • β—‹  Thanks! Home-grown radish, by the way. 😊
        • β—‹  Great. I can see these radishes are good and tender, not hollow onesπŸ˜‚.
          • β—‹  Haha, a good surprise. πŸ˜‚
    • ●  Yummy, gluten-free?
      • β—‹  Yes. But I love gluten!