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  • Soccer fields in Ecuador Soccer fields in Ecuador
    • ○  That multifunction court is really something, what a great idea!
      • ○  In a small remote village, I saw two grassy soccer fields. That's very impressive too.
        • ○  No wonder such a small country gets to play FIFA final almost every 4 years. :)
          • ○  I saw a lot of sport facilities in towns and the countryside, not only for soccer. Seems their kids are living very happy life. :)
            • ○  Lots of these Latin American countries have high sports participation, especially soccer. It’s great to have these facilities available for the kids, starting early is very important.
              • ○  Agree. If the kids are busy playing soccer, the chance of taking drug is less.
  • The Equator The Equator
    • ○  Definitely a fun spot to visit, wish I was there, and got to try that balancing egg trick, I heard that they issue 'egg master certificate', interesting... Always love learning new things, great post.
      • ○  Yes, there is such certificate. So funny. :D
        • ○  It seems that it’s not an easy task to balance the egg, sort of an achievement. lol
  • The countryside of Ecuador The countryside of Ecuador
    • ○  Such a great countryside, love these plants, you probably won’t find them elsewhere.
      • ○  You mean the handstand monkey? LOL
        • ○  Oh yea, that BIG handsome monkey with blue pants. :)
          • ○  Oh Yeah, that muddy monkey. LOL
            • ○  Is that some sort of special muddy bath :) Or he’s just simply very happy and felt like doing that. He seems to be the same guy that climbed the mountain with rope, is this part of a tour package? Or it’s just a personal hobby. Just out of curiosity.
              • ○  We took a bus ride of about one hour, then hiked 7KM to that place. It's a place open to tourists but for the whole day we only see another group of about 5 people. The bus ticket is 65 cents. :)
  • A hot springs town in Ecuador A hot springs town in Ecuador
    • ○  That hot spring pool, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s heated by volcano. Not sure how many days you would spend for the whole Ecuador trip, it would be perfect if you can find a massage place after a hot spring bath :) and just relax…
      • ○  You got it! There are many massage places in that town. But I didn't went to any. :p
        • ○  Well, you probably won't find a RMT anyway, xD
          • ○  The reason I didn't do any was that I caught a cold the next day I got there. :( An hour-long massage costs $25, which is affordable though.
            • ○  Oh, that’s too bad, hope you had recovered soon. For $25, it’s really a good deal, good to know. :)
    • ●  Bon Voyage.
      • ○  Thanks~~~
  • From inside a tree! From inside a tree!
    • ○  Just wondering how big is this? Did you by any chance take a shot from outside as well?
      • ○  I almost forgot where did I take this picture. :) Will find it. I've seen quite a few huge trees. It could take 5 people or more to surround the trunk!
  • Swinging into the sky Swinging into the sky
    • ○  Wow, is this for real? Doesn’t sound like a normal sky swing, not seeing the safety belt, etc. :)
      • ○  It's a swing at the edge of a cliff. The angle of photographing is important! :)
        • ○  Nicely done, almost got me. :)
  • My 2014 Indian trip: Andaman Islands and Chennai. My 2014 Indian trip: Andaman Islands and Chennai.
    • ○  Getting to know Chennai from its being called ‘India’s number one global outsourcing destination’, didn’t know there are lots of tourist attractions out there. Also heard the complaints about the food, thanks for confirming that (pic#11). :)
      • ○  Probably not Chennai though. It's not really a typical touristy city though. The food is delicious!
        • ○  Nice beach, that’s for sure. The food, I will give you my verdict once I have a bite. :)
  • Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!
    • ○  Merry Christmas too, Sailor!
      • ○  Thanks~~~ :)
    • ●  Same to you, Merry Christmas!
      • ○  Thank you!
  • Looking for badminton players Looking for badminton players
    • ○  I am in Markham. When and where would you like to play? There are a couple of drop in program @$2 for the weekday morning in markham area.
      • ○  great! Glad to hear that, I am close to you ..maybe. I don't know. I don't have a car probably somewhere close to where I live --Sheppard and Don Mils.