1.NANO TECHNOLOGY by Marina Jacobi提到"万物一体的所有能级和系统都是波或旋转系统。由于它们是开放系统,它们是叠加波系统,因此遵守建设性和破坏性干涉的规律。" 2.为什莫这个世界的结构要通过FRACTAL的形式建立
1.NANO TECHNOLOGY by Marina Jacobi提到"万物一体的所有能级和系统都是波或旋转系统。由于它们是开放系统,它们是叠加波系统,因此遵守建设性和破坏性干涉的规律。" A single particle of Finite is the smallest energetic coordination that is the opposite of the Infinity. The importance of the knowledge is significant. Systems of single rebuilding blocks are step by step systems of the infinite particles to the smallest energetic field. That is when the entire Universal structure is concentrated in one single particle. The pressure is in the Infinite magnetic field. It is so much that is the entire energy of the Universe in ONE Finite particle. So what that means is that there is literally no difference between the Infinite and the Finite. It is becoming Infinite to expansion and Finite when is collapsing. It is the TORUS. Ha Ha!!! Do you see how is all ONE now?! Consciousness particle expands and contract. 2.为什莫这个世界的结构要通过FRACTAL的形式建立 Frequencies of sequences that are barometer of different location legendary fractals. You think that the fractal times is just single molecular objects of structure in one momentum. But the legendary Fractal is obsolete with Ionic Charges back and forth with single molecular structures. Slopes of frequencies are also implemented into this formula. Look at the material of the Harmonic Reactor and into the Ionic Fractal Charges apply the knowledge of the 'Slopes of Frequencies.' Re-locational molecular structures are built in the Ionic Structures and Charges negative and positive slopes of frequencies in a singular motion. That is why it is becoming fractal. Now you know how all the structures become fractal. It is necessary to be fractal at all time, so the Ionic Molecular charges are not overloaded with a single slope, but with multiple slopes of HZ frequencies. This way is supporting the entire sequence of the necessary -nazacalines(游戏) 2018-11-3