Short Plasma Lesson Videos The first one shows how plasma forms in the gaps of molecules in a nanostate. The second shows how plasma is like an ever increasing spiral of energy,
strongest at the core and weaker as it goes out until the fields become physical matter. The circle shown in the video can be a subatomic particle, a planet, or a solar system. No matter the size they all contain similar fields. "Magnetical and gravitational" are not magnetism and gravity, they're types of plasma. Gravitational is an attracting force and magnetical is a repelling force. Anti-gravity is a misnomer, it's actually pro-magnetical plasma that will boost you off a planet. In deep space there's no gravity to "anti" off of, ships ride the plasma web using push/pull reactors as seen in the third video. It's pretty basic, probably brings up more questions than it answers, but that's the state of things. The real point is to appreciate the significance that this is being taught in public by people who have worked on real ships. It's coming. You can listen to hundreds of hours of Keshe lectures if you want more. I'll talk more about it in the future too. -nazacalines(游戏) 2018-11-25