Martin now also introducing another surety (not sure if this is instead of #MengWanzhou’s husband or additional). The person says he’s known Meng since 2009,
and was the realtor for her and her husband for both of their Vancouver homes. He’s putting his own home up as surety. Another two sureties being introduced by defence. A couple that has been in Canada since 90’s. One of them, an insurance agent, knows #MengWanzhou from previously working at #huawei. Statement says they have confidence Meng will follow bail and will put up $1.4 mil home And a fourth surety being introduced. A woman, who knows Meng b/c husband used to work at #Huawei. In Canada for 10 years. Trusts #MengWanzhou to follow bail conditions and willing to put up $6 million home, saying she doesn’t believe Meng would jeopardize her property. Defence says sometimes best way to know someone is by “speaking to their neighbours”. Introduces another person who’s willing to be #MengWanzhou’s surety, who lives near Meng. CA citizen since 2003, has known Meng for over 10 years, they’ve taken family trips together. #Huawei This person also trusts #MengWanzhou to follow bail conditions and willing to give the court $50,000 in cash -verano(Summer) 2018-12-11