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01 May 2019

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Walk to down town, Blackfin Pub & Marina Park 


It is not far from BNB walking to Downtown, however, we spend doubel or maybe triple times as we are attracted by the hourse, flowers and people. The lady in red at picture below is Suzy.


No single house is the same as the others 房屋颜色形状各异

No any high rises, the highest building which the rental apartment shown above.  没有高楼,这栋出租公寓算最高了。

The dead tree roots are carved into art works laying along the roads or the houses gates. 枯死的树根雕刻成各种艺术品,置于路边或房子的前院

the picture above taken by Suzy 上图摄影:紫苏

At the cornor of crossing road stand the poles showing walking time to local people's favorite places 十字路口竖着指示牌,至当地热门地标步行所需时间。

Mini Library for local peopel changing books,photo taken by Suzy. 当地人交换书籍的迷你图书馆,紫苏摄影。

The Main Street called Comox Ave. along the sea side. 主街叫科莫克斯,沿海而建。


There are wild dear in the parks and Golf Course.  路过公园和高尔夫球场,野鹿身影随时可见

Apart from the dead roots, wooden sculpture art works being part of the buildings along the streets. 除了枯树根雕,沿街不少与建筑连接一起的木雕,如下图的船,

Even the book store's name is an art work. 连书店的店名也是一件艺术品。

The art gallery in downtown opens from Tuesday to Saturday, devided by two show rooms - one is photograph works and the other is  run by Pearl Ellis Gallery of Fine Art Society. The picture below is Channing Holland's paintings in March. The 2nd time I visisted it, various members works art show. 

镇中心的艺术馆开放日期每周二到周六,不大,一间摄影作品,一间由绘画协会组织的画展。三月份去的时候是Channing Holland女士个人画展,四月份为绘画协会会员画展。

Traveling is always related with local food - Black Fin Pub aslo known as the famous estuarant in Comox is recommended by Suzy who finds it in internet info. 当地美食总是旅行的一部分。黑鳍酒吧也是科莫克斯有名的餐馆,紫苏从网上得到的信息。

Its ocated just minutes from Downtown and steps away from Marina Park. Here people enjoy a fun natical atmosphere and take in the every changing view that includs the majestic Comox Glacier and beautiful mountain range. 


Picture above are the dishes Suzy and I ordered in March trip. It is very busy at the time when we have our Dinner there, senior couples, young lovers, middle aged ones sit there, some just a galss of wine or a cup of drink, they look at each other with love in there eyeys.


From Window 隔窗拍摄。

My husband Alfred and I go to there at lunch time in April. 我和老公四月去那里午餐

Easy to find our seat as not as many guests as at dinner time.很快就入座了,午间客人少一些。

Alfred is a vegeterian, his food is perfetc he says. I order tuna fish which is my favortite. 老公是素食者,一般他找不到满意的西式素食,但是这个新菜是日本式的,他很满意。我要了吞拿鱼,也是非常好吃。

The part of ceiling is photoed by Alfred. 天花板由淇新摄影。

The picture below is from internet, showing the Marina Park and Black Fin pub's location下图取自网上,Marina 公园和其中的黑鳍酒吧。

After meal we take a walk around Marina Park 餐后走走Marina公园。


Below Info from Wickpedia


Comox is a town of about 15,000 people on the southern coast of the Comox Peninsula in the Georgia Strait on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The warm dry summers, mild winters, fertile soil and abundant sea life attracted First Nations thousands of years ago, who called the area kw'umuxws (Kwak'wala, the adopted language of the K'omoks, for plentiful). When the area was opened for settlement in the mid-19th century, it quickly attracted farmers, a lumber industry and a fishing industry. For over fifty years, the village remained isolated from the outside world other than by ship until roads and a railway were built into the area during the First World War. The installation of an air force base near the village during the Second World War brought new prosperity to the area, and in recent years, Comox has become a popular tourist attraction due to its good fishing, local wildlife, year-round golf and proximity to the Mount Washington ski area, the Forbidden Plateau, and Strathcona Provincial Park. The town is also home to a Royal Canadian Air Force base CFB Comox, an airport for military and commercial airline use and the Sea Cadet training facility HMCS Quadra. The mild climate has attracted many retirees to the area in the 21st century, resulting in a high rate of growth and a sharp increase in the median age of residents.


Comox town is in the Comox Valley, along with several other communities, including Courtenay, Cumberland, and the unincorporated hamlets of Royston, Union Bay, Fanny Bay, Black Creek and Merville. The nearby Comox Glacier is visible from many parts of the town and is the area's signature landmark.




科莫克斯是位于不列颠哥伦比亚省温哥华岛东海岸乔治亚海峡科莫克斯半岛南部海岸的一个约15,000人的小镇。温暖干燥的夏季,温和的冬季,肥沃的土壤和丰富的海洋生物吸引了成千上万年前的原住民。19世纪中期开放定居,迅速吸引了农民,木材工业和渔业。五十多年来,该村一直与外界隔绝,唯一交通是乘船,直到第一次世界大战期间道路和铁路建成该地区。在第二次世界大战期间在村庄附近安装了一个空军基地,为该地区带来了新的繁荣,近年来,由于捕鱼业,当地野生动植物,全年高尔夫球场,科莫克斯已成为一个受欢迎的旅游景点。该镇还拥有加拿大皇家空军基地CFB Comox,一个军事和商业航空公司使用的机场以及Sea Cadet训练设施HMCS Quadra。在21世纪,温和的气候吸引了许多退休人员到该地区,导致高增长率和居民中位数年龄的急剧增加。


科莫克斯镇位于科莫克斯山谷,还有其他几个社区,包括科特尼,坎伯兰和罗伊斯顿,联合湾,范尼湾,黑溪和梅尔维尔等小村庄。附近的Comox Glacier冰川从镇上的许多地方都可以看到,是该地区的标志性地标。

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