I have been with my company for 8 years,
moving up the ladder from a developer to an executive. Like many others I used to receive a lot cold calls from the recruiters but I never budged. For me, the decision is simple -- I stay if the company allows me to grow ownership. Do not get me wrong, this isn't about stock options but all about whether the company provides an environment where yourself and company's strategic move are always aligned; where initiative and innovation are highly encouraged; where the intimate technical/business knowledge outweigh the workspace politics; where the leadership upholds their integrity and respect; where the teamwork is empowered and personal glory is prohibited. With all these mentioned, the benefit of staying with one employer is obvious - you grow strong, you have chance to learn the complete product life cycle, you have opportunities to polish technical / leadership skills at all level, you have the freedom to innovate and room to fail, you start gaining the high level view of business operations, more important, you will have the feeling of ownership. -europa( ) 2022-12-2