Very encouraging! :) SustainLane Presents: The 2008 US City Rankings

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3. Seattle, WA
Protecting a Promising Future
Seattle, WA: Protecting a Promising Future

If Seattle’s 2006 SustainLane ranking had you considering a move to the coast, it’s time to call the movers. The Pacific northwestern metropolis is once again sitting pretty near the top of the SustainLane heap at number three. And by "pretty" we're referring to its location between Puget Sound and Lake Washington and to its easy access to just about any kind of outdoorsy activity your sustainable heart desires. It's no wonder Mayor Greg Nickels is so bent on protecting this prime piece of natural real estate. Since becoming the first signatory of the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement in 2005, Nickels' administration has continued to lead Seattleites in the sustainable charge. In 2006, more than 90 percent of the city's energy supply came from renewable sources. And by the time light rail plans are complete in 2016, Seattle 's streets should be free from car congestion, trees and green buildings ubiquitous, and two-wheeled commuter sightings more common than an overcast day.
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