what we can do, to be part of the change....

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Following to my post, Fly Universe asked me a question, on what we can do as individuals facing those changes.. I tried to respond, but I don't feel I have addressed it enough.. Perhaps I never will, as I just know that much...

But by posting it here, I am hoping someone else will contribute to this topic, as I feel this is important – more important than those individual political views from either the left or the right side of our fellow Rolians.

As Chinese immigrants, we can’t just be satisfied with the status quo. The world is changing fast, for the better or for the worse. Probably it is the latter case in North America. I have a feeling that sooner or later, we will be faced with a wall, then with a choice.

If we aren’t aware, if we aren’t actively participating and be part of the social economic decision making process, we will be left behind.

As you may've noticed it by now, I am not a fan of any extreme political stands – either it is neo-conservatism from the right, or the extreme liberalism from the left. As with most Chinese, I hold an economically conservative and socially liberal view, to a certain extend. I don’t feel either the extreme right, or the extreme left, is a friendly force to be partner with for our race. We have to stand in the middle – to become the main stream ourselves, rather than standing out and mark it with “we” and “them”. If we can’t become “them”, we will be less effective to make a change, and to maximize our positive impact to the society as a race. We can’t just be outsiders, we gonna be the part of the force to make a change.

Why I liked Obama and still supporting him in the face of all the challenges he and his party is facing and all the policies I may not like? Because I have a firm belief that some day, someone just like him, will rise from our 2nd or 3rd generation. To change the view of the world towards our race – we are second to none, today or tomorrow. But we need a face, a representative, a well-liked, and an intellectually superior individual with a firm belief and with such gracefulness too....

=============In response to Fly Universe's Question on what we can do==========

sooner or later, we gonna take ownership of the social economic issues of this society. this is "our" country. or, put it this way, this is our kids' country too...
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reading some articles online... some GOP candidates are arguing that what's happening in Europe today will happen here.. soon...maybe in 4, 5 years, max..

though i am not a fan of neoconservatism, there are some truth in that statement.

according to TIME,if you are born in 1970 in the bottom 1/5 of the society in terms of socialeconomic status, the chance you are living in the upper 2/5 of the society is a mere 17%... a chance lower than some European 老大帝国...

What happened to the "American Dream" ? when as long as you work hard, you can be where you want to be..GOP candidate Cain put it this way: if you are poor, if you are not rich, you have only yourself to blame...But when a whole population is facing the problem of lack of upward mobility, it is not someone's personal problem.

It seems it is getting harder and harder to climb the socialeconomic ladder.. when the inequality between the rich and the poor is becoming larger than ever... the top 1% takes home 21% of the annual income, and owns 35% of the national wealth.. A CxO today earns 400 times more of the lowest paid employee of his company, while a few decades ago the number was only 40.....But did "they" create enough jobs? Not a chance... according to some richest American, American's labor force is way too expensive, and with too low a skill level in a global economy..

So, either the labor force improve their skills; or accept the fact that a lower standard of living is becoming a norm.

People will argue that they can go back to college, re-trained, to gain the skill needed to compete in a market economy..

Not that simple, not that easy, when the national education system is being hijacked by powerful teachers unions.. When any talks about making teachers and students work harder, when any attempts to select better teachers to be hired, when any layoff or pay increase decision to be based on performance merits failed..

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