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sailor (Ocean & Mountain)
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1, do they have gifted program for my gifted kid?

I have no idea. However, the class size limit in Ontario is 22, but in BC it's 30. That means there are maximum 30 students in a school class.

Currently the BC teachers are on strike. There is no sign that they will end the strike by September.

2, how much of troublesome to live in wet winter and not so hot summer?

It depends. Some people don't like that, some are OK. The morning temperature in summer days is actually quite low. Some people feel that raining is colder than snowing in winters.

3, for housing condition, how much time could spend in outside of a house comfortably with regards of wind, rain, mosquitoes, chilly weather?

Typically the summer months are nice and comfortable.

4, Is a house close to ocean with nice ocean view and easy access to beach safe in storm season, or rather a house with certain distance?

I have no idea about that. Storms are common, every year there are a few times that the ferries to Vancouver cancelled sailings because of stormy weather (Not safe for ferries).
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