Actually, the employers don't care about what is the trends, they only care about whether their system still can support their business with lower expense.
I'm using as/400 also, maybe we can discuss it if you are interested in. Although I don't think as/400 has a bright future. The competitor used to be Unix , now even Windows is aslo one. Many advantage of As/400 in 5 or 10 years ago don't exist anymore. The Unix and Windows are also reliable and highly available. So my point is there won't be many company move from other platform to as/400, the big company who has many platforms will try to consolidate it and as/400 will be the victim to be merged into windows or Unix. The company who has as/400 as their main platform and has their core application system ruuning on as/400 will still stay on as/400 for a long time. To sum up, there is less and less new as/400 users. -elac(elac) 2002-12-16