因为长周末计划改变,紧急原价转让长周末(July 2nd Saturday) camping site (Algonquin - Canisbay Lake Campground).

chuntianlaila (春天来啦)
Park Name: Algonquin - Canisbay Lake Campground
Address: Box 219,Whitney, ON, K0J 2M0, Canada
Status of Reservation: Current
Booking Number: IN15-381821101
Reservation Date: Thu 18-Feb-16
Arrival Date: Fri 02-Jul-16 after 2:00pm
Departure Date: Sun 03-Jul-16 before 2:00pm
Campground Name: Campgrounds 1 & 2 (Sites 1-101)
Site: 7
Site Type: Campsite - Non-Electric
Camping & Fees: $50.42

这是税后原价。我当时定了July 1 & 2. totally $100.84. (http://www.ontarioparks.com/fees/camping/2016。 但临时周末计划改变只能去七月一号的。要转让七月二号的。
看site: https://reservations.ontarioparks.com/Algonquin-CanisbayLake%2fCampground1and2%3fMap

Site picture: https://reservations.ontarioparks.com/Pictures.aspx?locId=83bdec52-879c-4114-a460-3bb8a4de7881&rceId=199da23a-53be-4880-b8b6-95cde4dde37d

我订的是site 7.

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