tiffanyparkhomes 有个appointment, 是在western/major mac 的独立屋楼花,是下周二的,价格大约1.7m(2800多尺)起,requirment 见内,设计图网上( )有,自己不用浪费了可惜,有感兴趣的且确定有实力买的请pm

lucymooni (萤火虫)
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All offers are firm. (No clauses for financing or lawyer approval.)

Please bring acceptable identification documents (driver’s licence, passport, record of landing, permanent resident card, old age security card, or certificate of Indian status).
If the identification is from a foreign jurisdiction, it should be equivalent to one of the above noted documents. Health Card is not acceptable as identification.

The total deposit required is $200,000.

Please bring all six (6) cheques.

Cheques are payable to Tiffany Park Homes (Woodbridge) Ltd.

The 1st deposit is to be certified cheque, money order or bank draft.

1st Deposit - $30,000.00

Postdated cheques for the additional deposits (as directed on the purchase agreement):

2nd Deposit - $50,000.00 in 30 Days
3rd Deposit - $30,000.00 in 60 Days
4th Deposit - $30,000.00 in 90 Days
5th Deposit - $30,000.00 in 120 Days
6th Deposit - $30,000.00 in 150 Days

Mortgage Approval Requirements

The following details are required from a bank within (7) business days of purchase:

· Bank (financial institution)
· Purchaser name(s)
· Lot number and street name
· Interest rate
· Mortgage approval amount
· Term of mortgage
· Commitment expiry date (rate must be capped until the closing date)
· Mortgage application number
· Contact name with signature and contact info of mortgage representative (phone & email)
· Letters from mortgage brokers will NOT be accepted UNLESS a financial institution is the lender
· Mortgage pre-approval letters will not be accepted
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