NEW BALANCE 928 Shoes Women's Size 9 2E  WW928VW  x-wide

microtree (micro tree)

Women's Size 9 2E  WW928VW  x-wide ---$71 CAD

mens' size , US-7.5 or US-8

NEW BALANCE 928 Shoes Athletic Walking Control
Women's Size 9 2E  WW928VW  x-wide

is equal men's size US-7.5 or US-8

=US-7.5 or US-8  men's size

欢迎当场 试穿 。。。

Garage Sale  for sale  link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h394jjg22jcnthl/AAABb_XA4QSV4vNYQzBeLGtFa?dl=0 Click on    Or continue to website
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