The Struggle in the 21 Century - A Social Media Discussion (please post and share more articles)

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-Not too long ago, I was reading a prose for my English class.  It was probably written in the late 90s, and it compare the pencil with a computer form a writer’s point of view.  It claims that the experience of trying to adapt to a computer, make her realizes that how pencils are her “good old friend”.   It’s funny to read about the writers’ struggles with computer back in that time.  It’s almost ironic to read that in 2015, the time that no writer write without a computer.  

Although the content have changed, but the topic would never change.  Having a discussion about modern technology and social media is such a thing that could never get old (well, at least not for a while).  As long as new technology is being developed, and social network is being used, we would never stop talking about that.

More or less, we all have this moment.  When we are browsing through Facebook or Instagram, we can always see people we know or don’t, posting pictures or videos of them having fun.  And then we look at ourselves, sitting in front if our computers, or phones, doing not thing.   Why isn’t my life full of the fun I see on Facebook?  Here is an article post on The Guardian website today.


Talking about watching people having fun on social media, sometimes we see it accidentally, sometimes we search for it on purpose.  Creeping people over social networks?  Admit it or not, we have or done it.  But how far is too far to do it?


When talking about social medias, we can’t forget that popular video “Look Up”.  A video telling people not to went online that gone virus online (?? What the hack).  Just in case you haven’t watch it.To be honest, most part of this video is scary true.


And then here is a parody of "Look Up", it's call "Look Down", produced by a Singaporean Youtubeler.  While being hilariously funny, this video also makes some good point.


-Maybe ten years from now, all those will look as funny as that pencil computer article I read in English class.




2015-6-21 -04:00
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