Saving on Clothes

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Clothing shopping is a kind of thing that we can easily spend hundreds of dollars on.  We love the idea of getting new clothes, but sometime they just cost way too much.  Getting used clothing instead of brand new ones could actually help to save a lot of money, while still getting nice stuff. 

There are a lot of places to get used clothing.  The easiest way is to visit a local thrift store.  We still get the feeling of shopping, but paying a much lower price.  Sometimes they would even have a sale.  One of the thrift store in my community had a two dollar sale yesterday.  For items like blouses, pants, skirt and blazer were all only two dollars.  I spent fourteen dollars on 7 fabulous item that could cost hundreds of dollars brand new!

Thrift store shopping is a great way to support our local community.  However, because they have to hire people to take care of the stuff, the cost could still be high for used items.  Getting clothing from a yard sales would cost even less money.  The families are usually just selling their own clothes; without hiring people or renting space, they are able to sale the clothes for an even lower price.

On the other hand, yard sales are hard to find.  It also take a little bit more effort to find supper nice staff form a yard sales or thrift store.  It’s handy to visit a second hand website if looking for nice stuff like dresses.  It’s usually nice staff that people have to get rid of.  The only thing about visiting a second website is that it usually takes a bit time to contact the seller and actually get the stuff.

There are always a lot of ways to get nice pre-own clothes, sometimes we even get it free from our friends.  Saving money is not hard if we are willing to spend more time and effort.

2015-6-28 -04:00
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