My veggie garden

sailor (Ocean & Mountain)

Strawberries.  They taste 100 times better than those from stores!

Rhubarbs.  They are huge!

Fennel, grown from seeds produced in India. 

Broccolis.  The red lettuces are towards the end of season.

Kales.  It's said to be the healthiest veggetable?

Lavender, always give me the pleasent scent.

Tomatoes.  They are becoming heavier and heavier!

the red flowers are of scallet runner beans.

Chives.  On the left is a chard.

Yam leaves.  Initially I bought a bunch from a Chinese gocery as vegetable.  I had the tender leaves and saved the tough stalks, grew then in water first.  They grew new roots and eventaully were planted to the ground.  Now they are doing very well!


2015-8-14 -04:00
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