Hello April,

cc-pc (我到人间只此回)
Nice to see you here! I do have a mood to read, or I'd like to say, more than mood, it's kind of passion to read.

As for time, it's fair to every one. I don't think I have more time than you or anyone else, considering I have full time job with 2 kids (13 and 5 years old ) to raise. I have too many house chores to run every day. Sailor or you have time to travel; some people love gardening. It merely depends what you want to spend time on. To tell you the truth, every morning I get up around 4: 30 a.m., so I have at least 2 and half hours for my own reading or writing. No one disturbs me. I normally sleep around 9 p.m. or 9:30 p.m. because I am almost exhausted at that time and I have to sleep for the next morning's reading.

Have a cool summer :-)
2019-7-21 -04:00
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