Guilty Pleasure

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This morning, on the way to office, I listened to the radio while driving; two or three hosts/hostesses were discussing guilty pleasure. One of the hosts said that his would be eating outside in restaurants while a hostess said hers shopping.

"So nice to be young." I said to myself, sighing jealously.

My guilty pleasure is downloading eBooks. The books, especially new books, are really expensive to poor people like me. I know the copyright; I know writing is tediously hard work and a book deserves its price, and I also know I am supposed to feel ashamed to download pirate eBooks. I know, I know, I know, however, I am just unable to afford all books that I want to buy.

So buying second-hand books is my compromise. I have bought many brand new books in Value Village, beautiful but quite cheap. You can't imagine it. It feels like some people bought them, but never touched them. It’s out of my purview of understanding. :-) Why did they bother to buy if they didn't want to read?

The only problem of buying second-hand book is you are not guaranteed to find the book you are looking for, same here in downloading.
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2019-8-5 -04:00
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