Wuhan: "Little Scientist" Enters Virus Research Institute to "Play" Virus

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Wuhan: "Little Scientist" Enters Virus Research Institute to "Play" Virus
2017-10-30 16:15:55 Source: Wuhan Evening News

Classmates are experiencing VR games

On the 28th, the Wuhan Evening News "Little Scientists' Exploration Tour" entered the Wuhan Institute of Virology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The 20 children and their parents who participated in the event watched the exhibition, listened to lectures, learned to make virus models, and spent time in the "World of Viruses". A pleasant and fulfilling afternoon.

孩子 Led by the teacher of Wuhan Institute of Virology, the children first visited the laboratory in the building. There are many refrigerators in the basic laboratory. The children asked curiously. Are these refrigerators filled with vegetables? The teacher explained with a smile that the minimum temperature of the refrigerator here can reach minus 80 ° C, which is mainly used to store experimental biological materials. The doors of some laboratories are tightly closed, and yellow biohazard warning signs are affixed to the door. The teacher told the children that signs like this mean that the biological materials processed in the laboratory are of a certain degree of danger, and are divided into four levels according to the safety level internationally, and random access is not allowed.

Then, the children came to the Chinese Virus Herbarium. Here, models made by various viruses such as influenza virus, rabies virus, and SARS virus are magnified N times to present them vividly, so that children can truly feel the variety of the virus world; the popular science cartoon image of "Cell War Virus" Shows the human body's fight against virus invasion, both adults and children can enjoy it; children in the VR experience zone can wear VR glasses to pull the trigger in virtual reality to eliminate the virus in a person's body; manual clay DIY link, children Adults are astonished at the colorful virus models they make. Chen Yichen, a sixth-year student from Yucai Elementary School, got a science book written by Dr. Liu Huan because she answered the question about vaccinia vaccination. She said happily that such activities were fun and learned a lot.

The current "Little Scientists Exploration Tour" event was co-organized by the Wuhan Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Wuhan Science Popularization Research Association, and received strong support from Wuhan Carrefour and Wuhan Youth Development Foundation "Carrefour One Store One School One Farm Charity Fund". (Reporter Administration)
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