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If you are in India, you most probably would experience queue-jumping very often. What amazes me is that, it's not only in real life, but also online while I'm waiting for "customer care" when dialing Air India telephone line.

Just right before I started writing this, I dialed 0124-264-1407, the Air India phone number. I've been calling this number dozens of times during the past couple days. And you know that if I have to do so, the work was not done properly. But that's another story. What I'm going to say here is about the queue-jumping while I'm waiting for an representative.

Honestly, the Air India phone line is very cool -- it tells me my position in queue while I'm waiting, and keeps updating me my position about once a minute.

So when I was firstly told, my queue position was 9. And you know what? The second time I was told at position 12. Then 11, then 14, then 13, then 15... Isn't it amazing? How cool Air India is able to let someone queue-jump!

It happened to all my many phone calls to Air India. I made my last call about two hours ago. After my queue position being pushed around for more than an hour, the line was dropped -- equivalent to being kicked out of the queue completely?
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