The Psalm of LIFE

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The Psalm of LIFE

LIFE is a stream, coming from snow-capped mountains or underground springs. It wanders through mountains, prairies, and gorges, cheering and leaping joyfully, and finally running into the cerulean ocean.

LIFE is an ivy vine, enjoying nourishment from the earth, light from the sun, and moisture from the rain and dew. It unfolds its green leaves quietly and branches across hills, grasslands, cliffs, and precipices.

LIFE is a rainbow of flowing light, burning itself fiercely and fully, decorating the firmament, and finally mixing itself into other objects in forms of energy.

LIFE is an endless cave, full of strange rocks, winding paths, twisting roads, and water. It is an amazing new world, forever attractive yet complicated and confusing.

LIFE is a narrow meandering footpath, bypassing brambles among grasses and weeds, avoiding pitfalls among gravel and steep hills, twisting and turning among green hills and clear waters.

LIFE is an inextricable mystery to people in the mortal world.

The most lofty and greatest thing in life is to explore LIFE!

The most significant thing in life is to study LIFE!

The most joyful thing in life is to revere LIFE!

The most peaceful thing in life is to march forward along the trajectory of LIFE!

August 16, 2005

(Translated by Transn)


Definition of "Life"and "LIFE"

LIFE is a nonmaterial structure with spiritual sense.
LIFE is 1+1=1
LIFE is composed of two parts, the intangible spiritual entity and the tangible body. The intangible spiritual entity mainly refers to the thought, consciousness, spirit, and soul, and etc.The tangible body mainly refers to the flflesh body where the soul is attached.

Life is just a journey of LIFE in this world. The traveller is issued a singleentry visa with the travelling dates specifified.
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