The Meaning of Life From knowing the origin of LIFE,

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we shall know the meaning of LIFE.

Without the universe, there is no LIFE; without LIFE, there is no universe.

The universe exists for LIFE; LIFE exists for universe.

We construct buildings with the purpose of providing places for various human activities. They would have no value if nobody used them and they would soon wear out and collapse, but if people do use and maintain them, then they will exist for a long time.

If there were no LIFE activities on the earth, in the solar system, in the Milky Way galaxy, or even in the entire universe, then none of them would have come into being.

We are talking the meaning of LIFE from a broad perspective here, but in the narrow sense :

· The meaning of microbes such as bacteria is to serve the insects and vegetation.

· The meaning of insects and vegetation is to serve animals.

· The meaning of animals is to serve people.

· The meaning of people is to serve celestial beings in the celestial world.

· The meaning of celestial beings is to serve the gods.

· The meaning of the gods is to serve the Greatest Creator.

· The meaning of the Greatest Creator is to serve all LIFE forms.

All in all, the meaning of LIFE is to serve the Greatest Creator and the meaning of the Greatest Creator is to serve all LIFE forms in the universe.

August 16, 2005

(Translated by Transn)
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