The Five Laws on the Eternity of LIFE

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The Five Laws on the Eternity of LIFE

Dr. Christopher Langton, the principal researcher at Los Alamos National Life Laboratory in the United States, said: "Life’s essence lies not in its specific substance, but in its form". This means that LIFE’S essence has nothing to do with material, and it is just a form, a structure without material and a sign invisible to our naked eyes. Genes, the building blocks of LIFE, seen as the human genome with scientific instruments is actually not LIFE’s essence, but only the expression of a sealed book of LIFE. This is why people can make space ships, but not even make an ant.

It is not completely right to say that the essence of LIFE lies in its form because its form is just a rigid structure, but LIFE itself is moveable with spirituality and consciousness. Therefore, a LIFE is a nonmaterial structure with spirituality. At present, we must understand how these nonmaterial structures with spirituality come into being and how they are born. If LIVES are material structures, then all the things produced by people such as bicycles, clothes, desks, toothbrushes, pencils, and so on are also LIVES. Obviously, LIVES are absolutely not material structures, but nonmaterial structures, and therefore only those who understand the whole of non-material world can create them.

For humans, creating the nonmaterial structure is the hardest nut to crack, but for those who understand the nonmaterial world, it is just a piece of cake. The problem is that LIFE cannot be spiritual with only nonmaterial structures because they must possess spirituality; however, where can we get the spirituality?

For the masses, this is an easy question to answer; they will say, “It comes naturally” or “it originates from evolution”. If you ask further, “what is nature and how can it come naturally? LIFE is a nonmaterial structures with spirituality, but how do they evolve by themselves?” Those people, with shaking heads and angry eyes, would say: “Naturally means naturally, and evolution means to evolve step by step”. If you go on further, they will become very impatient and say that we are taking unnecessary pains to study an insoluble question. (You can visit http://www.lifechanyuan.com to search and browse my critical articles about the theory of evolution.)

Now, we have to ask the questions, “what is the universe and why does it exist?’. In Time and Space of the Universe, we learned that “The Universe exists as order and remains relatively stable with the total sum of negative and positive energy always equaling zero”. What is this order used for? If we ask what political order is for, what is the purpose of the legal and administrative order established by people, the answer must be that it is “a social order established with the aim of serving mankind”. Then, what is the order of the universe used for? I have discussed this very clearly in different sections of Chanyuan Corpus and Xuefeng Corpus, “The universe is designed to serve LIFE; if either perishes, then so will the other”.

Therefore, as long as the universe exists, LIFE will continue; this is a basic law.

Actually though, the thing that concerns us is not the survival or extinction of the macroscopic LIFE of the whole universe, but that of our individual LIVES; in other words, what we really care about is, “Am I going to die forever?”.

This involves such problems as the structure of the universe, the balance of LIFE, the morality of the universe, and others, so I have written some simple discussions about symmetry in, “Symmetry in Nature - Mysterious and Great Power and “the Golden Mean; Perfect Proportion”. We know that the core of order is symmetry; the universe is orderly, so the universe is symmetrical, and the “Taiji Diagram” is a vivid simile for this. We also understand that the universe is holographic - that one cell can reflect all styles and features. Therefore, we come to the conclusion that LIFE is symmetrical. This symmetry is not only reflected in that of certain individual LIVES, but in all LIVES in the universe.

From “36-Dimensional Space”, we can see that the Zero World, Heaven World, Elysium world, Cathode Black Hole Body, the Ten-thousand-year World, and the Thousand-year World are symmetric to the Inflamed Layer, Frozen Layer, Hell World, Plant World, Animal World, and Livestock World. The Mortal World is at the exact interface of these two symmetrical worlds. In this way, the symmetry of the whole universal LIVES is formed, namely the simplified overall structure of LIFE - heaven, the mortal world, and hell.

The universe has universal morality; once it is reflected in any individual LIFE, it represents the evolution of that LIFE—its transmigration and reincarnation; for example, if a person’s consciousness and thinking resonates on the same frequency as the morality of the universe, then their LIFE can evolve toward heaven - the Thousand-year World, Ten-thousand-year World, and the Elysium world, otherwise their LIFE will evolve toward Hell - the Hell World, Inflamed Layer or the Frozen Layer. Of course, this is just a general version; for a specific individual LIFE, the evolution of LIFE is much more complex.

Why is LIFE allowed to evolve? The answer is to maintain the morality of the universe and the dynamic balance of the whole of LIFE.

When the amount of any kind of LIFE becomes too large within a limited space, it will have breached its symmetry; that is, it will have exceeded its limit. Similarly, if the amount of a certain kind of LIFE is too small, it will also have breached its symmetry. This is just as with an industrial corporation with hundreds of employees; only one general manager is wanted, and a few division managers, a maximum of fifty sales and logistics personnel, and the highest number of employees should work on the front line. If there are one or ninety on the front line, more than 90 sales or logistical personnel, or more than fifty division managers, this corporation is certain to fail. In order to ensure the normal survival and development of any corporation, its allocation of personnel has to be symmetrical; certainly, this symmetry focuses mainly on the energy aspect rather than the quantity.

The symmetry must be movable and flexible, not rigid and stiff. This is like the earth’s allocation of water: seas and oceans account for the vast majority at 97.24%, glaciers and icebergs are 2.14%, underground tunnels are 0.61%, and rivers and lakes are only 0.0001%, however all this water has to keep on flowing and cycling through meteorological changes and the earth movements, to maintain a dynamic balance or LIFE could not survive here.

The total amount of LIFE’s allocations in the universe is also like this: the amount of flora and fauna should be absolutely abundant, that of humans has to be moderate, the amount in hell is in no way smaller than the number of humans in the Mortal World, and the amount in paradise has to be absolutely small. This certainly does not reflect a symmetry of quantity, but rather one of energy. It does not matter if there are a lot of ordinary people, but it does matter when there are too many kings.

“As a man sows, so he shall reap.” Reap what one sows, dispensing reward and punishment impartially and being meticulous are laws to safeguard the life dynamic balance and reflect the morality of the universe. Without this restriction of universe morality, the universe will be out of order, and life will perish.

The morality of the universe will not change according to the will of LIFE; it is a law which hides in structural symmetry. As long as the universe exists, then too does its morality and as long as it does, LIFE will remain imperishable. This is another law of the eternity of LIFE.

Now, let us look at the quantity of LIFE in the universe. In the introduction, I talked about the birth or origin of LIFE; in the Greatest Creator, I described the origin of the Greatest Creator and the universe; in Humanity and LIFE, I also spoke of the origin of human beings and LIFE. Now, I want to ask you whether LIFE’s quantity in the universe is over all, static or dynamic? To be more specific, is the population of humans on the earth constant or variable?

If we look at the size of the earth’s population, we see that it is not constant, but undeniably variable. There were about six billion people on the earth twenty years ago but more than seven and two-thirds billion now. This proves that the human population varies, which seems to indicate that the amount of LIFE varies, however when we understand the structures of the cosmic spaces, the essence of LIFE, the law of symmetry and balance of the cosmic LIVES, we find that the total amount of LIFE in the whole universe does not vary, but remains constant. This so-called variability is due to the transmigration and reincarnation of various kinds of LIFE beings in the universe.

People who do not know about oceans and icebergs certainly think that river water must vary seasonally when they see that it decreases in winter but increases in summer, however people who understand about oceans, icebergs, glaciers, and weather changes understand that the total amount of water on the earth is constant and never varies. The river with less water in winter does not tell us that the total amount of water on the earth has decreased nor does its increase in summer and autumn mean that the extra water comes from nowhere; it happens beause water is brought from other places by the movement of the earth and the changes of the weather.

Things decrease in some places but increase in others; things with one nature increase as those with another, decrease. The universe as a whole is constant; what changes is its form. The total amount of energy is constant whether the universe is expanding or shrinking, otherwise the law of the conservation of matter that we learned as young children would be violated.

Once we understand that the universe is constant and that the total amount of water on the Earth is also constant, we will know that the total amount of LIFE in the universe is also constant; the so-called change is a change of LIFE’s form or expression, but not a change of its quantity.

There are those who might ask where all the extra people on the earth have come from.

Those extra people have transmigrated and reincarnated from heaven, hell, animals, and plants. Have you not noticed that while the human population has increased, animal populations have decreased?

The lost animals have morphed into humans. This is unimaginable, how can it be; is this not far-fetched nonsense?

In order to understand this, we must understand the essence of LIFE. In my introduction, we discussed the achievement of Dr. Langdon: "The essence of life lies not in its specific substance, but in its form", and then we reached a further understanding that “LIFE is a nonmaterial structure with spirituality”. Material forms are not the essence of LIFE; people are different from animals in terms of their LIFE forms but they are the same in terms of their essences, their nonmaterial structures; the only differences are their structural forms.

I hope we can all agree that gorillas are not humans, but only animals. However, in light of their LIFE structures, the difference between gorillas and humans is only 0.1%. With a random comparison between rabbits, sheep, and humans, the differences between their structures is less than 0.2%. There are very few differences among the structures of Jesus, Sakyamuni, Laozi, Saints, and ordinary people, but those tiny differences are enough to make huge differences in their LIVES’ spiritual qualities.

Therefore, when we say that many animals have moved on to become humans, we cannot judge them by their forms, but recognize the essences behind those forms, otherwise no matter how many pages I spend on it, we will never understand the transmigration and evolution of LIVES.

So, according to that transmigration and evolution of LIFE, it is imperishable, and this is another law about the eternal nature of LIFE. Please refer to “the Evolution of LIFE”.

We must now put forth this question: since the total amount of LIFE in the universe is static, then the increases and decreases of some species are the consequences of the opposite happening to other species. What about the situation in which a LIFE is cloned by scientists? Does this prove that the amount of LIFE can be increased artificially?

Yes, cloning does increase the amount of LIFE. Take humans for example, human bodies consist of trillions of cells; the universe is holographic and so are human bodies; a person can be cloned from any cell from any other person. Besides, the consciousness of LIFE is rooted in its structure; as long as the structure does not change, the person cloned can possess the consciousness of the original person.

Here comes a dangerous signal that cloning violates the natural and moral laws of the universe and destroys the symmetrical balance of LIFE directly. Once it gets out of control, disasters will come in rapid succession and people will face catastrophes. In fact, catastrophes are not far away because of people’s “intelligence and wisdom”.

Taiji celestial once asked me where the Thousand-year World animals come from. My answer was that they are also LIFE and also need to face transmigration and reincarnation; the difference is that their life span is ten times longer than their equivalent species on earth. People in the mortal world can be reincarnated as animals in the Thousand-year World if they had good LIFE-qualities while they were here because animals in the Thousand-year World live better lives than people in the mortal world.

Some might ask whether the total quantity of LIFE was determined in the beginning or if was capped after some amount of time.

We all know that both the universe and LIFE had their own origins. Since there were starting points, then the total quantity of the cosmic LIVES could not have been determined at the beginning, but gradually grew. After the birth of the Greatest Creator, he created symmetric gods with Yin and Yang. Then, he created angels in order to allow the universe to fill with happiness and vitality. These angels were divided into Super Celestial Beings and Buddhas for the influence from the Yin and Yang gods. After the division of Super Celestial Beings and Buddhas, in order to make them enjoy the joy of creation, under the permission and acquiescence of the Greatest Creator and the leadership of the gods, angels began to create LIVES, especially human being, according to the LIFE “blueprint” endowed by him. However, because of the shortage of lower-level spaces of LIFE, this creation destroyed LIFE’s balance of symmetry. He then implemented two great LIFE extinctions events on the earth in which most LIVES were transferred to the Yin world--the hell world. In this way, many LIVES were treated unjustly, so in order to balance things out, the Greatest Creator created the Thousand-year World, Ten-thousand-year World, and Elysium World. Since then, the quantity of LIFE in the universe has reached its limit and thus its total quantity was strictly determined.

After this, Sakyamuni and Jesus were sent to the mortal world to educate people; Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) also received his divine oracle and traversed his own journey to guide people from their respective factions toward heaven.

Humans have three origins and this is why there are three major religions; Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. The differences in the doctrines resulted from the different origins of their LIVES.

This is just an outline of an outline and its real complexity would be too difficult to explain clearly as it involves too many astonishing details. A little imprudence could cause major misunderstandings, so therefore it can only be perceive by heart and not explained verbally.

Scientists are taking efforts to establish a “unified field theory” of the universe while the gods are endeavoring to establish a unified perspective theory of human beings. Both groups are trying to unify all the inharmonious elements into the harmonious Way of the Greatest Creator which is why phenomena such as angels descending to the earth, Martians coming to save the earth, new age concepts, and others are appearing. The birth of Lifechanyuan is a part of this general trend. Those with clairvoyance can smell the era changing from Lifechanyuan.

Because of this, all religions except for the three listed above are heterodoxical because of their false sources and should cease their activities and disappear automatically. Owing to the different doctrines and unconquerable qualities of these three, they should compromise with each other and gradually blend together in order to safeguard the harmony of cosmic LIVES.

In the eyes of the Greatest Creator, all LIVES are equal and share the same opportunity. As LIVES are imperishable, everyone, regardless of their religion, faction, nationality, or race at present, should stop thinking about maintaining their own current interest, but only consider their future direction.

LIFE has spirituality, consciousness, reaction, and emotion, but its spirituality comes from LIFE’s origin, the psychic energy of the Greatest Creator which is also the Dao in Laozi’s Dao de Jing. Dao is the blood and vitality of the universe; it runs throughout all time and space and exists in motion and variation of all material and nonmaterial beings. As long as the Greatest Creator exists, Dao works; as long as Dao exists, LIFE is imperishable. Even if we wanted to end our own LIFE, it would be impossible. We could only kill our physical body, but we could never kill our LIFE because our LIFE and Dao, the psychic energy of the Greatest Creator, are integrated.

Owing to the eternity of Dao, the LIFE attached to it is imperishable. This is another law of the eternity of LIFE.

Finally, let us look at whether or not the nonmaterial structure of LIFE will ever be faced with extinction. As we know, only energy that is attached to a structure can form a shape and play a role. We grow from germ cells into adults with complete organs and limbs under the absolute determination of the energy which attaches itself to our LIFE structures. Without these LIFE structures, energy could only remain energy forever with no way of becoming constituent parts of human bodies. We can imagine that if these germ cells were divided continuously, they would eventually enter the domain of quantum mechanics and superstrings. With a further step, they would enter the dimension of the spirit and consciousness which are nonmaterial. All material with forms in the universe are ever-changing and able to disappear, but spirit and consciousness are not. We always say that deities lurk one meter above our heads, but who or what are these deities? They are nonmaterial and intangible; although intangible, they are substantive and will never disappear. Each material has a structure and each nonmaterial also has one. As a result, since nonmaterial structures cannot disappear, then these nonmaterial structures of LIFE will never do so either. This is another law of LIFE’s eternity.

In summary; LIFE is eternal for the following five reasons:

The universe is eternal

The universe’s morality is eternal

LIFE beings can transmigrate and change

The psychic energy of the Greatest Creator - Dao - lives forever

Nonmaterial structures are eternal

These five reasons determine the law of LIFE’s eternity.

If my theoretical analysis above leaves you confused, then consider the facts.

What facts?

From the research reports of near death experiences and the records of reminiscences about previous lives, one can understand that LIFE is eternal. If you have not read about them, you can still sense and feel them in your dreams.

In conclusion: LIFE is eternal.

November 13th 2005

(Translated by Transn)
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