Standards of Perfect Human Nature

ivysunday (Sunday)
Standards of Perfect Human Nature

Xue Feng

As far as an individual is concerned, perfect human nature is a must for his/her life to go to supreme life space. As for the all human beings, it is the prerequisites to establish justice, peace and happiness of human value system. Without perfect human nature, individual not only cannot get happiness, but also has no bright future; the mankind can never avoid the state of ups and downs in competition, confrontation and war.

The eight conditions of perfect human nature:

1. Revere Greatest Creator, revere gods and Buddha, revere other people;

2. No mind of losing and winning, no mind of combating;

3. Revere nature;

4. Modest, trustworthy and honest;

5. Be sympathetic and compassionate;

6. Be able to adjust and stay calm in both good times and bad times;

7. Conform to the laws of nature; seek not the special and abnormal;

8. Love life, love labor.
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