Revere the Greatest Creator, revere gods and Buddha, respect other people

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Ⅰ. Revere the Greatest Creator, revere gods and Buddha, respect other people

Revere the Greatest Creator

We have already known that the Greatest Creator is the creator of the universe, the Lord of all the gods in the kingdom of heaven, the cradle of life, the birthplace of wisdom, the motive power of the universe, and the energy center of the hyperphysical world. The Greatest Creator has the 8 features. The Greatest Creator is sole and only, amorphous, neutral, mysterious, impartial, merciful, almighty and wise. He exists in the negative universe in his spirit form, and maintains the orderly operation of the universe by means of "Tao" (namely mana).

The Greatest Creator has no fixed form; he can become any form of things in the universe; he is not the universe, yet everything in the universe is derived from him; he can accomplish anything as long as he wishes. If he wants the moon be removed, it can be done at any time; if he wants to make the Mars full of vitality, it will soon be realized.

We humans have nothing to be proud of. We can neither control the earth's moving, nor our birth and death; we can neither prevent thunder lightning nor control over tube ebb and flow. Without the things bestowed by the Greatest Creator, we can not survive for even one minute.

What has the "The dauntless revolutionary spirit of fearless to God and fearless to the earth" brought us? Nothing but confusion, poverty, ignorance and backwardness. The result of fearing nothing; daring to do anything, the sayings that man being the soul of the universe, man being able to conquer nature is belief crisis, a damaged nature, legal illiteracy and illiterate, demoralization; everyone has his own standards and claims "I am the No.1." What a terrible thing!

As the Tao Te Ching: "When people have no fear of force, then (as is the common practice) great force descends" The "great dread" is the Greatest Creator. If we don't revere the Greatest Creator, the flood of Noah's time will befall again. Do we dare not revere the Greatest Creator? Only by revering the Greatest Creator can we have wisdom; only by revering the Greatest Creator can we have life and peace; only by revering the Greatest Creator can we have a bright future. Any infinite exaggeration of the human ability can do nothing but cause the destruction of humankind. As far as an individual is concerned, any one who doesn't revere the Greatest Creator will never have a chance to go to the one-thousand, not to mention ten-thousand world and the Elysium world.

We can be arrogant and despise animals and plants; we can be bold enough to conquer the space, but our wisdom is far from controlling the thunder and lightning, and ebb and flow. Our wisdom is far from controlling volcanic eruption and earthquake fission, sudden incidents, aging and dying. So please do not say anything profane to the Greatest Creator. Please do not be cocky and supercilious.

How to revere The Greatest Creator?

1. Reverent to the Greatest Creator as if walking on wire or treading on the thin ice.

2. Do not ignore the Greatest Creator, and turn to worship other gods or Buddha or worldly great man.

3. Be grateful to the Greatest Creator from beginning to end.

4. Do not distort the Greatest Creator, and do not profane the Greatest Creator.

5. Could not speak and act in the name of the Greatest Creator.

Revere gods, Celestial beings and Buddha:

Gods specially refer to the gods who maintain the order celestial universe (for humans, refers to Jesus and Satan). The commander of the gods is Allah -- the Greatest Creator. Celestial beings and Buddha are the angels. Celestial Buddha is mainly the gods. In the universe, gods are above Buddha, Buddha is above man, man is above the animal, the animal is above the plant, plants are above the mountain rocks and rivers, mountain rocks and rivers are above the meteorology, and the meteorology is above bacteria, bacteria is above all living creatures in the Hell, all living creatures in the Hell are above the suffering creatures in the Frozen Layer and Inflamed Layer.

There was only one god appeared in the man's world, that is Jesus. In the history of three millenniums years, there appeared one Buddha, he is Sakyamuni. The last man in human society got revelation from god is Mohammed. Besides those, every other gods or Buddha are fake and evil. But in the man's world, there are countless Celestial beings (bodhisattva).

Due to the shallow knowledge of negative universe, negative space, negative time, antimatter, human being can not see the matters beyond the light of 400-700nanometer, and can not hear the sound beyond 20-20,000 Hertz frequency outside, so they can't know the gods and Buddha. But we can not deny the existence of gods and Buddha because we can not see them.

The key to revere gods, Celestial beings and Buddha, is to revere Jesus, Laozi and Sakyamuni. Through their disciples Jesus and Sakyamuni had left us a wealth of knowledge and profound wisdom; through Tao Te Ching Laozi explained to us the meaning of "Taoism". What they said is the first rule is to conduct oneself and the path leading to the eternal life.

To revere to Jesus, the main thing is to understand and comply with the teachings of "Matthew", "Mark", "Luke ", "John ". You must read by yourself, do not listen to the hearsay, and make judgments in order to avoid misunderstanding.

To revere Sakyamuni, the main thing is read the sayings of Sakyamuni recorded in Buddha's scriptures and to savor its profound truth. If you don't understand, you can consult Buddhism figures, or unworldly higher beings. The most important thing is to get inspiration, to draw inferences about other cases.

To dissect a sparrow, you should know the physiological structure of all sparrows, there is no need to dissect them all; when you get the structure of water from anywhere is H2O, then there is no need to conduct laboratory analysis to all the water on the earth. When you realize the truth of "Buddha is one,Buddha has no settled rules", then you can know all the dharma and you can have a general view and no need to study all the voluminous Buddha's scriptures.

Revere gods, Celestial beings and Buddha, the human nature will be sublimed; Revere gods, Celestial beings and Buddha, you can understand the true wisdom; Revere gods, Celestial beings and Buddha, you can understand the negative universe; Revere gods, Celestial beings and Buddha , you can find the passage to life ; Revere gods, Celestial beings and Buddha, you will get infinite benefits; many people regard reverence to gods, Celestial beings and Buddha as superstition, this is a great misunderstanding. The known world is small, but the unknown world is very large, we should not limit ourselves in the known world due to our ignorance, and waste our beautiful life.

Respect other people

From the standpoint of secular, people are divided into lowliness and nobleness, but from the essence of life, people are equal, no one's life is nobler than ours, nor is their life lower than ours. As a person with perfect human nature, we have to treat life equally, namely to treat people equally, whether he is a President and great scientist, or just a civilian, or an ordinary people; Whatever he is healthy and handsome, or disabled or ugly; Whether he is a millionaire, or penniless; Whether he is centenarians or a just born baby; Whether he is a royal, or in jail; Whether believes in Islam or Jainism, we should show our respect to them.

What we mean by respect is to accept belief, habits, hobbies, and features different from that of ours. For instance, if you believe in Buddhism, you cannot discriminate against Judaism; if you believe in Christianity, and you can't be egoistic and belittle atheism; you get the habits of drinking tea, but you cannot interfere with those who drink coffee; you like simplicity, but you can not blame those who like wearing jewelry; you like art, but you should not belittle those who are addicted in commercial making money...

Maybe someone would ask: "Must we respect those who spit everywhere, use drugs, flirt with women, plunder, bully and oppress the kind and the weak as well?"

My answer is yes. You need to respect them. His habits and conducts only represent that he is uncivilized, ill-bred, demoralized, which is different from the essence of life. The sun shines on everyone, the moonlight spread to all the corners on the earth; "There is no garden without its weeds." The essence of life (people only) has no class of high or low level, so we have no reason not to respect them.

I list some of the performance showing no respect to others for your reference:

1. Spit and relieve everywhere.

2. Talking loud in public places.

3. Do not flush the toilet and littering.

4. Break into one's house without notifying.

5. Annoying others and disturbing others business.

6. No queuing, do not take turns to get service.

7. Disturb others rest and peace.

8. Unpunctual for appointment, meeting, and dinner.

9. Promises were made to be broken.

10. Blow one's nose when eating. Scold or abuse one's wife or children when there is a visitor.

11. Laugh at, mock, and speak sarcastically, abuse, beat others.

12. Abuse, threaten children (including their own children).

13. Deprive children's normal entertainment, force them to learn.

14. Spit on somebody.

15. Yield to seniors.

16. Stare to the youngsters.

17. Unfold others secrets.

18. Blame the relatives and friends of others.

19. Force others to change their beliefs.

20. Force others to have sex.

21. Limit others freedom (including wife and husband relation)

22. Ignore others well-intended respect.

23. Bribe superior and force them to take presents and bring them to a dilemma.

24. Look down upon the disabled.

25. Knock others' door at midnight unless something urgent), blow horns casually when driving.

26. Using vulgar language, swear a lot.

27. Going to a banquet wearing slippers or sloppy dressed.

28. Wear mini skirt or bare-chested in formal occasions.

29. Flirt with other's wife or husband.

30. Keep the borrowed things, and do not to compensate for damages.

31. Waste others time.

32. Take something or somebody favored by others.

33. Slow driving in the fast-traffic lane while fast driving in a slow-traffic lane.

34. Do not walk on the pavement in the busy traffic area, cross the road and block traffic.

35. Lying, starting a rumor or making inaccurate reports.

36. Let the dog bite people. Take advantage of one's power to bully people.

37. Put one's feet on the tea table when there is guest.

38. Turn over other's bookshelf without permission.

39. Use defective goods as presents.

40. Selling inferior goods.

41. Start to drive when passengers are not yet on board.

42. Drivers who speak these words: "Are you looking for death?" "You want to die?" "Are you blind?" to people who block their traffic.

43. Let dilettante do the adept work.

44. Using the incompetent as leaders.

45. Ask the experts to do the works they are neither interested nor familiar with.

46. Organize meetings and force others to take into political ideology.

47. Search others body and purse without official permission.

48. Tracking, investigating and monitoring others with "false charges ".

49. Mocking, speaking sarcastically and disdaining one's students as a teacher, cracking down students' self-esteem and self-confidence.

50. Finding all sorts of excuses to collect fees.

51. Degrade colleagues and peers.

52. Speak bad words behind others back.

53. Be jealousy and demean other's achievement.

54. Excessively touting, praising and making negative praise.

55. On looking, kicking up a fuss, instigating.

56. Peeping other's letters.

57. Sneeze, cough at others.

58. Deliberately to go public places when informed to have infectious disease.

59. Interference with others private life.

60. Humiliating others.

61. Let others do business works on holidays or resting days.

62. Farting and taking off shoes and socks in public places.

63. Damage other's image and reputation with "False charges".

64. Make random guess and infer other's words and deeds and developing trend as per his personal thinking.

65. Show off extravagancy in front of the poor, and display knowledge in front of the illiteracy.

66. Plagiarize, copy others' research results.

67. Exploit others' labor and rights.

68. Stripping others' private property accumulated through hard labor.

69. Enter into others' restricted area without permission.

70. Mining others' ancestral grave.

71. Flashing headlights on full beams to the cars and people in the opposite direction when driving at night.

72. Every speech and practice that embarrassing people.

The above listed performances of showing no respect for others can not be regarded as a criminal offence, but just because these trivial matters caused the great pains in life. If everybody can respect others, needless to say, the world will be a fairyland. But it is impossible for everyone to learn to respect others, unless the human world is managed and everything from food to transportation are supplied by gods, and then execute compulsory measures, or everybody has already had the perfect human nature.

All the other behaviors that violating state laws, or hurting others' are not showing respects.
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