Reverent to Nature

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Ⅲ. Reverent to Nature

Nature is the precious gift given by the Greatest Creator and the earth is the homeland for our cultivation. The rising sun, the gentle attractive moonlight, the twinkling stars, the fresh morning, the cool breeze in the evening, the white clouds floating in the blue sky, the rippling sea, the silver shinning beach, the boundless prairie, the primeval forest of green pines, the vast gobi, the running streams, each high mountain, every valley, each landscape, each river, gives us countless beautiful enjoyment, triggers us infinite yearnings and endless imaginations!

We are being nourished by nature, and we are unselfishly dedicated by nature. Every piece of grass, every fistful of soil, every insect, every bird, every piece of wind, every drop of water...... all are our lifeblood.

When we rejoice in the tremendous progress of modern industrial civilization, staring at the dense smoke from big chimney of the industry; When we are enjoying the power output from countless nuclear stations, using the refined diesel, gasoline from numerous refinery; When we block one river after another from in the middle and build those impounding dams; When we hoping the biology gene engineering will bring us peaches greater than the watermelons, how many us have realized that our human beings are committing chronic suicide, are digging graves to bury ourselves!

When human are being cocky and arrogant and believing that man can conquer the nature; When we are in a full swing to destroy the mountain forests for terrace, remove the grassland for cultivated land, fill the puddles of water for farmland, and turn green mountains and rivers for mining plant, does it ever occur to anyone that we are overdrawing the blessing of our offspring and our next life?

When the pesticide is used everywhere and there is no trace of insects and birds ; When rats are killed by medicine and cats are fed by people; When the fishing net are tightly woven and the fish and shrimp find nowhere to hide; when wanton hunting the wild animals in nature for ivory, rhinoceros horn, velvet antler, musk, bear's paws, bird's nest, monkey brains, snake gale, tiger bones, leopard's and so on; when people intend to eat everything, and dare to anything and are fearless to heaven and the earth, how many of us have realized that we are committing sins and accelerating the destruction of human?!

When people are spending a lot money to buy famous paintings and sculptures for collection and are intoxicated in indoor landscape; when people are fascinated by the virtual space of computer network and cannot extricate ; when a building after another are stretching out in all directions and people are parsing for their "intelligent masterpiece "and are going beyond themselves; when people are bathing in the prismy neon, drinking champagne and good wine, eating delicacies of every kind, listening to the singing stars, wearing the fascinating miniskirt and are feeling unrestrained and cheerful, how many people can hear the nature is crying behind us?

When people admire Bill Gates and are chasing wealth and trying to make a great fortune overnight and brazenly discharge the waste gas from the factories to the atmosphere; when people allow the sewage of the fertilizer plant to seep into the underground; when people pour the hospital infection virus water into rivers and the waste oil from the ship into the sea, how many of us have realized that we are committing crimes and we are murdering people!

How to reverent to Nature?

Do not wear leather jackets or leather shoes or ornaments made from animals. Do not use bags or belts made from animal skins and furs.

Do not eat the meat of wild animals. Do not drink any wine or other beverage mixed with the raw materials of animals

Do not raise, catch, and damage wild animals.

Do not cut down trees and plants excessively.

Do not involve in any activities that will pollute the air, the earth, the rivers or any other activities harmful to nature.

Do not over praise any human "masterpiece".

Reverent to Nature and protect nature, and in turn nature will love us, protect us and breed us.
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