Conforming to the laws of nature, not seeking for peculiarity

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Ⅶ. Conforming to the laws of nature, not seeking for peculiarity

The so-called natural law refers to the law that exists within everything in the nature and which determines its own orderly operation and the development trend.

For example, the movement of the solar system along the Galaxy and the movement of the stars within the

solar system are all natural laws. Comet appear in the visible space of the earth every 76, is also a law, namely the natural law.

The seasonal and climate change on the Earth follows the nature law.

Plant germination, growth and flowering, and bearing fruits also complies the laws of nature.

The birth, growth, aging and death of the animals are the natural law.

People eat and drink, pee and poo, work at daytime and rest at night are the reflection of natural law.

Everything in the universe will live in accordance with the laws of nature and will die if violating the natural law.

The earth will turn into dust and ashes if flying out of the solar system.

If a farmer sows in autumn, he will not have harvest.

People will surely die if they don't eat, drink, pee and poo.

This is the rule and this is the law.

One of the main reasons for people to get sick is due to the violation of laws of nature. The special events encountered in a person's life is also mainly due to the violation of the laws of nature. The best life is the life complies with the law of nature. One should not seek for exception and peculiarity. However, most people have the desire of seeking exception and being outstanding unconsciously, some of them even try to control the forces of nature and have exceptional functions.

If this kind desire is just kept in their mind, then it belongs to the normal phenomenon. However if it is implemented in action, it belongs to the abnormal phenomenon. Abnormal phenomenon is against the law of nature, and it does more harm than good, it may distort the normal mental activities, affect the person's normal life.

I talked about exceptional function many times, but my purpose is to show the thought of super time and space can achieve a certain kind of state, and I did not encourage anyone give up basic self-improvement, and to specialize in exceptional function.

Being transcendent does not mean one has to have exceptional functions.

Self-refinery and self-improvement is not for obtaining exceptional functions either.

All the achievements and ways with the sole purpose to pursue the exceptional functions will lead people into the astray and evil path. After China's reform and opening up, there have been waves of activity concerning refinery and improvement which has its positive effect. But the negative effect is also there, for the key is against the law of nature. Therefore, though the people involved in the practice were millions upon millions, few has gained exceptional functions, even fewer understand the Tao.

The ultimate goal of life should be positioned in pursuit of perfect human nature and the goal of how to extend life in a higher life space. Exceptional functions are merely helpless in reaching this goal. Anyone that wants to take the shortcut will eventually find that they are wasting time. Remember, more haste, less speed.

We are human beings, so first we must behave according to the laws of nature, and we have to eat and drink, pee and poo, study, work and rest and have fun and go through the process of birth, death, illness and old age. On this basis, we can realize transcending and realize our dreams.

To achieve doctorate, one must first lay a good foundation from primary school, high school, college and graduate student course. "Success comes from hard work". So, first we must behave as an ordinary people, common and take back the messy and scattered and floated mind. Set your mind, find the direction, follow the nature and you will succeed. Never and ever pursuit exceptions, otherwise, you will be lost and caught by the devil.
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