Our Intermediate Prayer

ivysunday (Sunday)
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Our Intermediate Prayer


(Translated by Treasure and Edited by Kaer)

Master of all gods, Allah, Ancestor of Buddha, Greatest Creator, Jehova:

You are the prime mover of the universe, the energy center of the supernatural world, the spring in the desert, the beacon in the fog, and I sincerely thank you for endowing me with wisdom. After several years of self-improvement and self-cultivation, I can see the structure of the Earth's universe clearly, understand thirty-six dimensional space, and know the reasons and processes for the rises and falls of LIFE in different spaces so that I can escape the wrong path in order to sense the true meaning of life. I have acquired knowledge about LIFE, learned the purposes and values of time and space, and seen a much larger, more wonderful, and more perfect universe than I had previously imagined. You have shown me thousands of worlds that I will never fly over even at the speed of light and across millions of years of time.

Oh my Lord, Allah, Ancestor of Buddha, Greatest Creator, Jehova:

Since I have known you, I have always lived in a state of inspiration and excitement. I cannot express my gratitude and praise or extoll to you in words; just see the biological wave around my body, my amplitude, my wavelength and frequency have been completely transformed!

Oh Allah, Ancestor of Buddha, Greatest Creator, Jehova who has created everything in the universe:

I can achieve perfect human nature with your favor and transcend over vulgarity with your patient guidance. I have renounced material desire, conquered death, and transcended time and space. After only a few years in the mortal world, I have reached the realm that ordinary people never attain even after dozens of cycles of samsara and across hundreds of years. The key factor for my leap of spiritual quality lies in my full and sincere faith in you. As Jesus taught us, "If your faith were only as great as a grain of mustard seed, then even if you tell a mulberry tree to be uprooted and planted in the sea, it would be done”. This is the truth; where faith comes, iron and steel melt, cancer disappears, demons are defeated, and even heaven and earth can be reversed.

The perfect Allah, Ancestor of Buddha, Greatest Creator, Jehovah:

In the past, I thought that a blissful state of life should be described as seasonal rain falling after a long drought, meeting an old friend in a distant land, holding a loved one on a wedding night, or as a name that is listed as a winning candidate, but now I know the infinitely splendid wonderland that exceeds the above by a thousand times, even ten thousand times. Every cell in my body is joyous and excited; every nerve in my body sings and dances. Oh, Greatest Creator! All that I have attained is from your gifts; I could never have entered this splendid wonderland without your wisdom. Once again, I sing praise to you, extol you, and thank you sincerely.

Heavenly and Benevolent Allah, Ancestor of Buddha, Greatest Creator, Jehovah:

You have polished and refined me from a rough rock to a shining gemstone and have guided me from a confused, troubled, and low realm life into a pure, carefree, and top-grade one, and freed me from the shackles and fetters of the ordinary and allowed me to sense real relaxation and pleasure. In the past, I was sad when I encountered troubles, complained when I was set back, was frustrated when I met obstacles, and was negative and pessimistic when I experienced adversity; I was so childish and ridiculous! It was you who cleared the thick fog in front of my life and made me see clearly that people are just wandering around aimlessly and disorderly in the mortal world so that I could understand the law of causality and find the best way of life.

Peerlessly wise Allah, Ancestor of Buddha, Greatest Creator, Jehovah:

Although I have transcended over vulgarity, comparing my wisdom with yours would be like comparing an oil lamp swaying in a storm to the mighty sun. My wisdom is like drops of water percolating through seams in rocks, while yours is like the roaring ocean. I pray for you to guide me, spur me on, encourage me constantly, and bestow more wisdom upon me so that I will be able to climb the towering mountains that prevent me from perceiving my nature and appreciating the magnificent view of other amazing worlds.

Insightful Greatest Creator:

I have just reached the first floor. Though I have achieved perfect human nature, Satan will never stop tempting me; he will allure me and deceive me and I might commit sins. I pray for you to forgive me continuously with moderate punishments so that my sins in this life will be offset in this life. No matter how rough the future might be, I will continue along my journey of self-cultivation even though it is very long and never stop self-improving even though the goal is very far.

Most kind and merciful Greatest Creator, Jehovah:

I pray to you in the name of Jesus Christ and approach you through self-improvement and self-cultivation. Please accept your servant’s request and fulfil my wish!

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