Cosmic Holography I

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Cosmic Holography I


October 31, 2005

(Translated by Transn and Edited by Kaer)

The universe runs in holographic order and consists of the distributed psychic energy of the Greatest Creator - Tao - just as we humans are composed of the flesh and spirit of the same. From the infinitely cosmic to the infinitesimally tiny, each are closely related and connected together. I am in you and you are in me. On the macro scale, energy fills the space and time of the entire universe, while Tao controls the operation, development and changes of all things in within it; therefore, it is an organic whole, and the seemingly unconnected multiple celestial bodies, phenomena, and people are its constituent parts - its cells - so the universe is holographic. On the micro scale, atoms, molecules, and people are consortiums of structure and energy which have mutual interaction with everything else and together belong to the unity of Tao and energy; so the universe is holographic.

l Try to pierce your toe with a needle. You will feel muscles tightening throughout your body and your brain will jump with an immediate emergency response. If a lover or your parents are next to you, they will also react promptly. Why? Because you are holographic.

l Turn your computer on and access the web. Global data will stream onto your screen as you search. Why? Because the internet is holographic.

l Arthritis sufferers can sense rain while the weather is still dry and many animals can detect seismic disturbances before the earth shakes. Why? Because the earth is holographic.

l The waning and waxing of the moon raises and lowers the tides, and sunspots directly affect climatic changes and the rhythms of LIFE on the earth. Why? Because the solar system is holographic.

Cosmic holography also means that the whole contains all of its parts and all of its parts contain the whole. Our bodies are constituted of a hundred and thirty trillion cells and each of them contain all the information of the human body; that is, when they all assemble together, they constitute a complete human individual. Each cell is just an insignificant component, but when we divide them individually, each one can form a human body. Viewing them with Buddha’s eyes, each of them is a complete human body with five senses, seven holes, bones, hair, internal organs, four limbs, flesh, skin, and so forth. If we split a single cell, we will find that this inconceivable cell is made up of an equal number of even more inconceivable ones.

Our complete image can be seen in a mirror, but if we break that mirror in half, then each half will reflect our complete image; that is, we will have two images. Break it in half again, and we will have four identical images, and so on. If we break this mirror into millions, billions, or even trillions of pieces, we will still see our complete image in each and every one of them; the number of potential images is countless.

Even if a seed has not been planted in soil to take root, sprout, blossom, and bear fruit, its whole entity, the shape of its leaves, growth patterns, and so on can be seen with dharma eyes.

We cannot see the shape of a bud if we do not know what type it is and without referring to its blade with naked eyes and we will not know how big it will grow, but we can see its size and shape by looking at it holographically.

If you cut a growing leaf in half, then its whole image will be visible from the remaining half, and you can see its entirety from either half; all things are like this because the universe is holographic.

Now that we know that the universe is holographic, our worldview and outlook on life will take a subversive leap. If we want to understand the Tao of Lao Tzu, the Dharma of Sakyamuni, and the thinking and scientific theory of Jesus, we will understand it thoroughly and at a glance, and our spiritual perception will open. Those with deeper roots can develop a series of special magical powers and arts and will feel at ease in dealing with the affairs of their daily lives.

For example, one big distress in life is the love between men and women. Between lovers and married couples, one always expects the other to be faithful and pure, but if they learn that the other is having a secret relationship with a third party, then they become distressed and sad and no matter how much effort the other exerts to vindicate themself, "I love you just as much, I really do", it will be useless, because their credibility will have been lost. “You cannot be true to me if you also love THAT person” and “Your love is false and the love that you offer me is incomplete” would be the responses.

Their distress is caused by not understanding the holographic nature of the universe. From the holographic universe perspective, if someone loves several people, even hundreds, thousands, millions, or billions of people, their love for each of them can be complete, true, and absolutely complete. It is like seeing oneself in a mirror, there is one self in one mirror, two selves in two mirrors, and a billion selves in a billion mirrors, but each is complete. Buddha can incarnate and rescue trillions because Buddha knows that the universe is holographic and Buddha is holographic.

Conversely, if I am loved by ten thousand women, even if they also love other men but I believe that their love for me is wholehearted and complete, then I will gladly accept their love. Likewise, if I love ten thousand women, then my love for each of them can still be true and complete.

Why should you have to cling onto just one? Life is short. Does it matter if you love more than one? Other truths can be inferred accordingly. In short, oneness of man and nature, universal holography, subtle wisdom, and depth of understanding reincarnate into trillions.
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