Cosmic Holography II

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Cosmic Holography II


November 3, 2005

(Translated by Treasure and Edited by Kaer)

Cosmic holography means that the universe really is alive, that everything in the universe shares the same breath and destiny, and that any local change, directly or indirectly, affects its entirety. A storm on Mars can cause colds on Earth, the death of a whale in the Pacific Ocean can cause grief in Nile river fish, and a butterfly flapping its wings in Alaska can cause a storm in the Cape of Good Hope. This is an extreme and exaggerated expression, but it conforms to theory of cosmic holography. An article by Xuefeng will inspire the awakening of human consciousness as a whole.

This is an extremely exaggerated expression, but it conforms to theory of cosmic holography.

The purpose of understanding things is not only to appreciate them, but also to use them to serve us and to maximize our freedom. Taking the way of the Greatest Creator is not for suffering or enduring hardship, but to maximize our enjoyment of life and LIFE, and to obtain more joy, pleasure, and happiness.

To understand cosmic holography is not only to enrich our own knowledge because gaining knowledge is not our purpose, but to apply it to serve ourselves and others.

How can we make the knowledge of cosmic holography help us to navigate through life?

1. Since the universe is holographic, the Greatest Creator, Gods, and Buddha are all in us because we are the cells of each of them. A cell contains all the information about the universe as a whole, and in the same way, devils also live within us. When our hearts are filled with love for all LIVES in the universe, then we have the character of the Greatest Creator, and when we show mercy to all LIVES, then we have the character of god and Buddha, but when our hearts are filled with hatred, weighing and balancing everything for our own self interests, then we take on the character of devils.

2. Since the universe is holographic and each cell contains the information of the whole, then by understanding and appreciating ourselves, we can know all the mysteries of the universe, sense future changes and trends of the universe, and acquire information about the universe’s past, all from our own present.

3. Since the universe is holographic, it shows that our memories exist not only in our brains, but also in each cell of our whole bodies, and even in the space and time of the entire universe. Our brains are just sensors, and through it, we can extract records from hundreds, thousands, even millions of years. We can not only trace our own history over the past millennia, but maybe even recall the historical process of the evolution of the universe.

4. Whether Tui bei tu, Les Propheties, Divination Before Saddle Horses, Mayan or Martian prophecy, Tibetan remote sensing prophecy, Revelations, or any other prophetic manuscript, they are all evidence of cosmic holography. They prove that people are able to accurately predict the future as well as to recall images after several years, decades, and even centuries.

5. Since the universe is holographic, we humans are able to "see" the entirety of the universe, to see the Milky Way system and the planets that exist outside of it, and to picture the images of the Thousand-year World, the Ten-thousand-year World, and The Elysium World. 36-dimensional space is no longer mysterious and incomprehensible.

6. When a small thorn is placed on one’s toe, their brain will feel it instantly and react accordingly. Similarly, everyone's words and deeds are sensed instantly by the Greatest Creator and also reacted to immediately, which means that "You reap what you sow", “Good will be rewarded with good and evil will be punished with evil”, and that “Causation is the iron law of the universe", so we can believe firmly that we will receive the proper return for our self-refinery and self-cultivation.

7. The dreamworld is the symbol of holography which proves that we live in other spaces at the same time and that we are just a fragment of the holography of this moment. Based on how we feel and express ourselves in reality, we can know where our other self or selves live.

· If one has Buddha nature, then their “negative Self” is in the Elysium World.

· If one is cultivating themself to become a celestial being, then their “negative Self” is in the Celestial Islands Continent or the Ten Thousand Year World.

· If one yearns for a free, joyous, and blessed life without family relationships, then their “negative Self” is in the Thousand Year World.

· If one has deep love for the human world, then their “negative Self” is elsewhere within the mortal world.

· If one enjoys fighting, striving, robbing, and seizing, or “the law of jungles”, then their “negative Self” is in the animal world.

· If one enjoys dark and selfish activities, then their “negative Self” is in hell.

In A Brief History of Time, the great scientist Stephen Hawking realized that there is an "anti-universe" with "anti-humans", and Quantum Mechanics vaguely descusses antiparticles. For particles and antiparticles, however far apart they are, they seem to connect, and they can respond to each other and interact instantly. Therefore, we can infer that every Chanyuan celestial’s “negative ego” or “anti-ego” is in heaven. What we need to do now is improve our consciousness, bring it into closer alignment with heaven, and return to our home. That is to say, to leave our mortal consciousness and let our subconsciousness return to its source.

8. Since the universe is holographic, we are not afraid of death. As long as consciousness exists, we can incarnate trillions of times, and project ourselves into boundless worlds. I am the universe, the universe is me, so we can attain Buddhahood.

With regard to this cosmic holography theory, I put forward the above eight aspects as a starting point; I cast a brick to attract jade. However, we can draw eighty or even eight hundred more examples. From a sample, you may judge the whole, make efforts to draw an analogy based on a theory, let the fire of inspiration twinkle everywhere and always, and grasp the secrets of LIFE as early as possible.

For years upon years, after days and nights with sunrises and sunsets, people have been living so, back and forth. Is this the time to change to a new lifestyle? If not, there will be no end to our troubles and suffering.
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