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Explore the Script of Life


March 24, 2017

(Translated by Treasure and Edited by Kaer)

Is life dominated by fate?

How does fate come into being?

Is everything in life prearranged?

If it is, then who arranged and directs it and how can we still have free will?

If there is free will, does it conflict with fate?

If there is no free will, then does the causality law of "You reap what you sow" exist, or does it not?

Is it true that every word and every act of everyone is prearranged?

If so, then are we not biological robots?

Is everything accidental or inevitable?

Who carries out punishments, rewards, and so on?

It is an extremely complex and enormous system and it is impossible to reveal the whole system clearly. I can only draw a rough outline, and you the reader must verify it for yourself.

Eighteen plots cannot be controlled by people in their own lives but have to be resigned to destiny. For example, their own parents cannot be chosen, arranged, or controlled by them. In fact, a lot of things in life cannot be either. Not only are the sizes of our eyes uncontrollable, but we cannot even arrange a single hair by ourselves. In the face of such vast complexities, we have to resign ourselves to destiny.

If we cannot change things, then what can we do?

Everything in the universe has its trajectory, all of which are run according to a well-arranged overall trajectory and we are no exception. That is to say, we also have our trajectories. These trajectories determine the directions of people's lives, whether they will be officials or commoners, poor or rich, or male or female, and be subject to fortune or misfortune; everything and everyone have been determined by their trajectory. Facing our trajectory, we are powerless.

Who is writing your life script and arranging your trajectory of LIFE? You are!

Who is directing it? It is procedure.

Everything in this life is established by the thoughts and actions of your previous life; this is fate. It is impossible to change the fate of your life because it has already been written. All of your efforts in this life only work for your next life. It can be said that your past determines your present and your present determines your future. Since everything has already been arranged and planned out and the story and plot of your life has already been set, then how do we reflect on man’s subjective initiative? What good are an individual’s efforts? If even what we say and do have been determined in advance, then why should we make any efforts?

Individual efforts are reflected in one’s mind and how perfect a role they play. Our inner activities are not arranged by our script. Our free will is reflected in our mind and whether our specific role is performed perfectly or not. Such as in a stage play, the script has been arranged by a writer in advance, the director selects performers according to each performer’s appearance, character, acting skill, and so on. The performers must act strictly according to the script and plot and the director’s requirement. If done well, the director will be pleased and the actors will receive more pay and have more chances to perform in future plays. If done poorly, the director will not be pleased and their opportunity for future castings will diminish. The quality of their performance depends on them. This is individual effort.

Our inner activities are not arranged, nor are they destined. They rely completely on the free will and effort of the individual. It is entirely up to them to decide whether they want to have good or evil thoughts.

Our inner activity is our thinking activity. Thinking activity is like a wave that spreads throughout the universe; that is, when the mind moves, its inner activity expands out to the universe and tells the universe what it is doing, and very loudly. Regarding this, we are unable to view or receive it, but gods know it. In other words, everyone’s inner activities can be learned instantly by the universe and recorded in the procedure of Tao. The procedure of Tao automatically arranges the future fate and trajectory of everyone’s LIFE based on their inner activities. Karma, karma, karma!

Then who rewards and punishes and who executes the mechanisms of rewarding and punishing?

Rewarding and punishing are determined by the procedure of Tao, but it is only the judge. The executor is neither the procedure of Tao nor the judge, but a factor of the boundless universe; a god, or man, a dog, an ant, a storm, or an event. It is like a judge who sentences someone to death but never executes anyone personally; that is always left for a series of other people.

The script of this life has been set long ago but the script of the next life is always changing. People’s thoughts and actions in this life identify their future LIFE trajectories. If someone is destined to leave for the Celestial Islands Continent but becomes seized by evil and does not play their current role well, then their trajectory of LIFE to the Celestial Islands Continent will change. Their revised trajectory may devolve toward the Ten-thousand Year World, the Thousand- year world, back to the mortal world, or even to the animal world or to hell depending on the severity of what they do.

As Lifechanyuan’s guide, I sigh with deep emotion during my directing the scripts of Chanyuan Celestials. For instance, I planned to have a certain individual eat a fairy peach which had been determined by her trajectory of LIFE, however she failed to play her role as a Chanyuan celestial well in her course. I asked her to clean a toilet, but she failed to clean it thoroughly, so I knew that she was still unable to eat the fairy peach, but only wild peaches. In this way, both her fate and her trajectory of LIFE were changed.

It is a strict law that absolutely beautiful things can only be enjoyed by absolutely beautiful LIVES. If we do not reach an absolutely beautiful state, then absolutely beautiful results will never appear.

When we enjoy absolutely beautiful things but our personal quality declines, then those absolutely beautiful things automatically disappear. This is not only the law and the script plot, but also the ever-changing living script.

Past scripts are dead, future ones are alive, and living ones are always changing according to everyone’s inner activities and how well or poorly they perform.

The impartiality of Tao is reflected in, “Tao gives to every LIFE according to its desires”. If you desire blessings in this life, Tao will bestow them upon you, but fewer will remain for your next life. If you want to become a wolf, it will make you one in your next script; if you want to become a celestial being, it will make you one. Tao will surely satisfy you and help you to achieve your goal, whatever you want to be, but it must be understood that the fulfillment of Tao is not executed immediately. It is arranged in the script, it takes a process, and it takes time. You cannot expect an airplane to come the moment you ask for it; you need to be patient. It is crucial to remember that as your plane is coming, your needs can not change. Once there is a change, Tao has to follow your needs. If you want coffee, but then decide that you would prefer tea, Tao will immediately prepare tea for you. If the tea has not yet arrived and you decide that you would prefer Coca-Cola, Tao will prepare Coca-Cola for you right away. When you change again, Tao will change again. In short, it will always satisfy you.

Now, here is a core consideration: if you want a luxury car worth a million dollars, Tao will check your bank account; your merits and virtues. If they are insufficient and your bank deposits are not enough, then that million dollar limousine will not be offered to you. Even if you need a needle, you have to check your bank deposits. As long as you have enough merits and virtues, enough bank deposits for what you want, Tao will meet your requirements and demands, or help you to achieve your goal.

When a person runs out of bank deposits or when their merits and virtues are exhausted and they have no remaining blessings, then they will soon collapse, fail, lose everything, go to prison, or end this life. Therefore, we need to give benefits, accumulate merits and virtues, and cherish good fortune during our lifetimes so that our blessings will last for our entire lives; even into our future lives.

The universe is a huge script with countless subscripts within it, and all the small ones serve the huge one; no small script can exceed a larger one. The Milky way galaxy is a huge script, the solar system is a medium-size one, earth is a smaller one, every country is a smaller one still, every organization is a much smaller one, and so on. Strings within quarks within atomic particles within molecules have the smallest scripts. Adding the nonmaterial world, twenty parallel worlds and the 36-dimensional space, it is unimaginable and inexplicable for us to know how complex and how huge the master script is.

The above is just a tiny bit of my superficial view based on man’s bewilderment for your reference. To know more, you will need to work on statistics, analysis, induction, summing up from a large number of examples of human activities, both ancient and modern, at home and abroad. It will take a lot of effort for you to figure it out.
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