Eight Ways through the Mortal World

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Eight Ways through the Mortal World


June 21, 2010

(Translated by Treasure and Edited by Kaer)

Our universe consists of twenty parallel worlds within thirty-six dimensional space. Among these twenty, our mortal world is designated as the XY world and manifests itself as three dimensional space. The twenty parallel worlds all have symmetry, as does all of thirty-six dimensional space. From the perspective of reincarnation and the evolution of LIFE, there are high-level spaces such as the Thousand-year-World, the Ten-thousand-year World, and the Elysium World, and low-level space such as the Inflamed Layer, the Frozen Layer, and the Hell World. The mortal world is the midpoint at which they cross; it is a transfer station for the evolution and reincarnation of LIFE between the higher-level spaces and the lower-level ones.

This means that LIVES from low-level spaces advancing to high-level ones and those from high-level spaces falling to low-level ones must pass through this mortal world as a transfer station. The mortal world is a traffic hub just like the Zhengzhou Railway Station in China, where crowds come and go, back and forth, hustling and bustling each and every day, determinedly and actively. It is easy to see that apart from those who work there, they all scatter quickly to their separate directions and transfer to other cars, buses, trains, and airplanes toward their individual destinations, running along their ways busily.

In the mortal world, chaos arises with constant fighting and struggling; each holds their own ambition, each has their own axe to grind, each administers in their own way, and each realizes their own wishes. As a temporary stage, each team performs its own show to the maximum, and as a temporary inn, passengers from different places stay briefly before parting company and going their separate ways; each pursues their own prospects!

To pursue one’s prospect of reaching their destination, they must proceed in certain ways. Without a good way or by choosing a wrong one, they will never reach their destination. Were they to board the wrong vehicle, their wish would remain just a wish, and their destination would remain out of reach. To be an entrepreneur, one needs to take the way of the market; to do business and make money, they must take the way of circulation; and to be a doctor, they must take the way of medical science and skill. Airplanes must taxi down runways, ships have to float on waterways, trains should run on railway tracks, and cars need to remain on roads and streets.

From the perspective of the evolution and reincarnation of LIFE, humans in the mortal world must take one of the following eight ways and pass on to its associated destination:

1.The way of the Greatest Creator - one models themself after nature with holographic order thinking, open heartedness, flexibility, and tact. They will rise to the Celestial Islands Continent.

2. The way of gods - one worships gods quite distinct from each other, bellicose, and domineering. They will advance to Asura heaven.

3. The way of Buddha - one pursues non-form and refines their concept of no abode for the mind and returns to the nature of Tathagata. They will ascend to the Elysium World.

4. The way of Celestial Beings - one takes skepticism, non-dogma, and freedom as their first priorities and cultivates magical powers as their core. They will climb to the Celestial Beings World.

5. The way of humans - one pursues fame and material wealth, attaches great importance to family love and emotions, and remains fond of organization and power. They will return to the mortal world to continue their samsara and return as another human.

6. The way of animals - one takes food, clothing, shelter, transportation, growing up, ageing, health, and avoiding death as their first priorities of life, with the acquisition of money as their core value. They will descend to the Animal World.

7.The way of Ghosts - one neither abides by rules nor laws, but conjures, lurks, and sneaks around like a ghost, speaks one way, but thinks and acts another, and is fond of hiding and good at lying. They will drop into the Hell World.

8.The way of Satan - one is fond of dwelling upon spirits and deities, fortunes and disasters, being ambitious and arrogant, blasphemes the Greatest Creator, and insults the gods. In order to achieve their goals, they plunge LIVES into abysses of misery, and destroy nature “by hook or by crook”. They will fall into the Inflamed Layer or the Frozen Layer.

Like attracts; birds of a feather flock together. The way that one takes depends upon their kind of consciousness and their LIFE structure. ”Divine punishments are slow but sure” is also the arrangement and program of Tao. All have their duties and accountabilities, which make each and every one of them vivid and exciting.

Whether they know it or not, each person takes their way; most are led along ignorantly and uncaringly, but a small number choose theirs clearly and plainly. You, who have read this article should consider using it as a reference. If you discard what I wrote as groundless nonsense, then simply throw it away - you can even scold and criticize me - but if you feel that it has merit, then consider it as having value because you could benefit from it.
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