Who is Wrong?

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Who is Wrong?


( Edited by Kaer)

No one in the world is wrong. Everyone is right.

If we think that everything in the world is right, that proves that we are right.

If we think that everything in the world is wrong, that proves that we are wrong.

No one is wrong. It is you who are wrong.

Mice burrow, are they wrong? The mice think they are right, but that mankind is wrong.

Cats catch mice, are they wrong? The cats are not wrong, because they believe that what they do is perfectly justified. Wolves eat meat. Sheep eat grass. Who is right and who is wrong? All are right. If we think it is not right, that means our understanding of things is not right.

Some believe in Christianity, some believe in Buddhism, some believe in Marxism. Who is right and who is wrong? All are right. If we think that some beliefs are wrong, that proves our understanding has a problem.

Some like money, some like beauty, some prefer to be alone, some like to fight. Who is right and who is wrong? All are right. If we think they are wrong, that only proves that we are wrong.

Some are addicted to be the police; some are fascinated to be thieves. Is anybody wrong? Nobody is wrong.

Are lazy people wrong? Are hard working people right? We are not the ones to say who is right and who is wrong. We can only say what is right for our very selves.

Is the arrangement of heaven wrong? No! If you think heaven’s arrangement is wrong, it is because we ourselves are wrong.

It is only we who are wrong. We have no one and nothing to blame, not heaven, not the earth, not society, and not others.

Ten Thousand Dharmas are mere consciousness. Reality is created by mind.

Whether the structure of the water molecule is beautiful or ugly depends completely on our attitude towards it.

Are you sick? Do not resent society and others. It is your own fault.

Are you in poverty? Do not resent society and others. It is your own fault.

Do you have a troubled mind? Do not blame society and others. It is your own fault.

Is the Greatest Creator dead? The Greatest Creator is not dead. It is you who are dead.

Is Buddha not compassionate? Buddha is very compassionate. It is you who are not.

In this view, wars, plagues, earthquakes, floods, and fires, are not wrong. It is we who are wrong.

In this view, burning and looting, embezzlement and theft, bribery and rampant Mafia-style activities are not wrong. It is we who are wrong.

The reality that we think is not reality, but rather a reflection of our subjective consciousness. It is our subjective consciousness that creates our reality in our minds.

Quantum mechanics tells us that the existence form of the thing is closely related to the observer. That is to say, the thing being observed is the result of the observer. The action of the being observed depends on the observer's state of mind.

For the same man, Xuefeng:

Some see him as the messenger of the Greatest Creator and the incarnation of Gods and Buddha

Some see him as a witch and a madman, a fake preacher in the cloak of the Greatest Creator

Some see him as a friend and a second-half

Some see him as a street shrew

Some see him as a saint

Some see him as an erotomaniac

After all, what he is depends on the cognitive way and the mentality of the observer.

This further indicates that only when you have Gods and Buddha in your mind, can you see Gods and Buddha, and only when you have devils in your mind, can you see devils. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." The devil is in the eye of the enemy. This is in line with the conclusions of the quantum mechanics.

Tao learners are to change themselves, rather than change others or society. If you do not change yourself, society and people will never change. If you change yourself, society and others will change accordingly.

Similarly, if you want to enjoy a better environment, you must first have a beautiful soul. If you do not have a beautiful soul, you will never have a beautiful environment.

This is one of the eight secrets of LIFE. If we want to live in the thousand-year world, we must first acquire consciousnesses and souls that are fit for the thousand-year world. Once we get these consciousnesses and souls, it will be as easy as rolling a log for us to enter the thousand-year world. The difficult thing is not that we cannot go, it is that we cannot adjust our thinking because thinking has inertia. Laziness and unwillingness to engage in in-depth discussions and thinking are commonalities for people. Letting our thinking run according to convention is the easiest and simplest, but it has no future.

Do you want to get rid of your immediate dilemma? You must first realize that you are wrong. The plight before your eyes is the objective reflection of your false consciousness. If your false consciousness remains unchanged, then your immediate plight can never be clear of it. Even if you escape from this predicament, the next predicaments will arrive unceasingly and in quick succession.

It is only when you realize your mistake that you can find the right direction in which to go. It is only when you understand that the world is not wrong that it is you who are wrong, that you can see the ultimate goal of Life, and only when you know the ultimate goal of Life, that your LIFE can go to the higher level.

Do you want to jump off a building and kill yourself? Jump! You can go to hell after the jump. Do you want to cultivate Tao and become immortal? Do it! You can go to heaven after the cultivation.

Do you want to suffer? No problem. Just go on a wild goose chase and stick to your narrow mind and just think you are never wrong. Then you can expect suffering and torment.

Do you want to be joyful and blessed? No problem. Just open your mind and engage in unconventional thinking, just realize that you are wrong, and then you will have infinite joy and blessings.

Did I say wrong?

Who is wrong, you or I?

I know I am wrong,

but are you right?
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