The Three Great Treasures of Life

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The Three Great Treasures of Life


July 24th 2006

(Translated by Transn and Edited by Kaer)

People accumulate and process three types of treasures of wealth during their lifetimes.

They are defined as:

· Material wealth. This is the physical material to sustain human bodies, represented by forms of money, such as currency,precious metals, jewellery, real estate, vehicles, food, household appliances, clothing, and any other physical properties.

· Spiritual wealth. This includes those elements that enable consciousness, including wisdom and understanding, and all mental activities to remain healthy, free, uplifted, comfortable, and blessed through at tributes such as knowledge, skills, experiences, family affection, friendship, love, religions, groups, states, reputations, positions, and so on.

· Soul wealth. This is the intangible energy and information that can make the quality of LIFE elevate and the nonmaterial structure of LIFE evolve to the perfect system, such as the psychic energy of the Greatest Creator, the running programm of Tao, the revelation of gods, the teachings of Buddha, the cultivation of Celestial Beings, inspiration, spiritual perception and so on.

The three great treasures above complement each other and are integral to each other.

· With no material wealth, we cannot have the foundation to make a living. We will either die or become beggars and parasites. Our bodies will not rest, our hearts shall not be at peace, and our undertakings will fail. We will be starving and impoverished, and so we must create and get material wealth by relying on our intelligence and hard work. However, those with only material wealth and no spiritual or soul wealth are lacking and tend to commit crime, suicide, and abuse LIFE and nature.

· Without spiritual wealth, we would be a constantly moving animal who lives by instinct. The lack of ideological wealth would make us lonely, bored, and empty, and we could not reach a state of joy and blessing, and our mentality would be twisted and distorted, suppressed, hot tempered, eccentric, and prone to go to extremes. However, those with only spiritual wealth but with no material or soul wealth are lacking, prone to being liars, to talk big and fool along. They are likely to do things stealthily, be opportunistic, and become parasites who love to eat, drink, and have fun, as well as careerists and schemers.

· Without soul wealth, we would never know the meaning and value of life and the purposes of human life, we would not be able to establish the right worldview and outlook on life, and our values would be confused. Not having belief and faith would be like walking through the black of a starless night with low spiritual perception and living a muddled life like a walking corpse. However, those with only soul wealth but no material or spiritual wealth are also lacking. They are likely to be possessed by devils, dwell on spirits and deities, fortunes and disasters, and to play with concepts. They look ghost-like and are obsessed and maniacal. They tend to defile the names of the Greatest Creator, gods, Buddha, and celestial beings, to poison and bewitch people’s hearts, to bring harm to society, and to deviate from humanity and from nature. Earth, water, air, and fire mutually reinforce and neutralize each other. Symmetric balance is blessing. If you ignore any single one of the three great treasures, you will not be able to obtain a perfect life, and will walk on a deformed life road.

The perfect life should be as such:

· To learn knowledge and skills lifelong, based on the experiences acquired through hard and honest work, getting a constant, proper amount of material wealth, but never taking the pursuit of material wealth as life’s ultimate purpose, lest we become slaves to material wealth.

· To love nature, cherish family affection, friendship, love, to honour our good reputations, to comprehend the revelations of gods and Buddha, to listen to the teachings of saints and sages, to revere nature and the Greatest Creator, to constantly self-refine and self-improve, to never stop trekking and climbing to the highest realms of life and LIFE, and develop to perfection.

· To take the Way of the Greatest Creator and pursue the three great treasures, giving neither up nor going to extremes with either, but controlling the balance, having peaceful hearts and minds.Just like the clear streams falling from the head source while cheering and jumping across valleys and between mountains, winding their way and rushing to the vast ocean while singing all the way.

In the end, it is to get wishes fulfilled, debts paid off, connections unbound from the mortal world, and to become extraordinarily refined, to accumulate merits and virtues, to understand the mystery of LIFE, to meet death with joy and excitement, and to ultimately reach the Elysium World.
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