Please Say Good Words as Much as You Can

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Please Say Good Words as Much as You Can

Hundun Celestial

December 11, 2006
(Translated by Tongxin and Edited by Kaer)

The ancients said, “Just as bitter medicine cures sickness, so unpalatable advice benefits conduct”, this is half right, the other half should be “The favorable weather benefits the growth of grains, so good and sweet words benefit the affections”.

Lifechanyuan implements the latter half.

Nobody is perfect and flawless. Life is short, so why aim at each other’s flaws? Everyone has their unique advantages and shining characteristics and everyone has their bright spots that are worthy of being appreciated. If we point to other people’s flaws, those flaws will be enlarged, but if we appreciate other people’s advantages, then their advantages will be enlarged. In order to make people happy and joyful, I advocate being blind to other people’s flaws but to appreciate their bright spots instead. If we continue doing so for a long time, everyone will become kind and merciful, will have glorious hearts, and will be grateful and reasonable.

Therefore, in Lifechanyuan, please say good words as much as you can, as long as you do not mean to hurt people, you may say whatever you want. Humorous words, lively words, and wise words are all welcome, and as long as you can make others feel happy and pleasant, you will have earned merit.


Life is not easy! So many troubles and worries torture people and steal their smiles, so why, “add frost on snow” and make it worse when we get together? Without us, the earth would still rotate normally and other people would still live without any problems, so why should you make others unhappy?

I oppose being picky and nibbling and I oppose wrangling and arguing or teaching others wisdom I have gained (as if I am telling myself, I will not dare to do this in the future and I will correct this whenever I can). In all situations, if we have reasons, we state them, but we do not suggest that other people are unreasonable.

Lifechanyuan is the homeland for spirits and souls, to create a warm and harmonious atmosphere is our ideal and our expectation. The relationships among Chanyuan Celestials are the relationships of brothers and sisters, and relatives and lovers. We care and love each other, encourage and appreciate each other, we need to grow with encouragement and praise, but not hurt with arguments and criticism.

Dear guests, please understand that this is Lifechanyuan. We will spread such style to every corner of the world and create the Lifechanyuan era by following the principle of, “The favorable whether benefits the growth of grains, so good and sweet words benefit the affections”.

Therefore, if you are picky when you enter Lifechanyuan, and say this is not good or that is unsuitable, then you are surely not welcome here.

The world is big, so please be merciful and allow us to cultivate our own small fields in our own way.

Say good words as much as you can and just keep those picky and critical words to yourself.
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