The Reversal of Heaven and Earth, Respect for Women

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The Reversal of Heaven and Earth, Respect for Women

——New Value of Chanyuan


The heaven is superior and the earth is inferior, man is superior and woman is inferior, this is what is preached in Confucian theories (Confucius is an acient saint in China) and traditional moral ethics. This concept is reversed in Lifechanyuan, namely men are green leaves and women are flower petals; in heaven and on earth women are superior.

The reasons are as follows:

1. The source is superior

The source of LIFE is the Greatest Creator, in the universe the Greatest Creator is supreme.

2. Women are superior

The Greatest Creator has created LIFE, which then propagate by itself, mainly through female. So women are superior.

3. Mother is respectable.

After ten months of gestation, LIFE comes from the mother, so mother should be respected and women should be superior.

4.Sisters and daughters are all women, we should protect sisters and daughters, so women are superior.

5.Women are not as strong as men and are vulnerable to harm, so in order for the equality and balance, women should be respected.

6.The Spirit of the Valley never dies.

It is called the Mystic Female.The Door of the Mystic Female,Is the root of Heaven and Earth.

Xuanmu (Mystic Female) is the female reproductive organ, the root of heaven, which should be revered, so women are superior.

7. Buddha is gender, gender is Buddha, the gate of gender is the gate of Buddhas, only women have the gate of gender, so when we respect Buddha we should also respect female.

8.Women are soft and quiet, they love peace and gentleness, they are merciful and kind in nature, they are broadminded and thus should be respected.

In Lifechanyuan, considerations should be given first to fairies. Fairies are lotus flowers and faeries are green leaves to protect the flowers.

1.Men should not contend with women.

2.Men should be brave to sacrifice for women.

3.Only women can have sexual harassment,men are not permitted to do so.

4.In the face of danger, men should go forward to face the danger and place women behind for protection.

5.Women take precedence over men in the matter of enjoyment.

6. Men shall take initiative in doing heavy and dirty and tiring tasks, while light, skilled and clean work shall be reserved for women.

7. Men are not permitted to humiliate, desecrate, abuse, beat, maltreat, persecute, scorn and deride women.

8. Men are not permitted to limit women's freedom of person, spirit and soul in the name of love.

This idea is debatable around the broad masses. Anyone who disagrees to it can put forward solid evidences and theories, only a simple expression of complaint is not enough.

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