Communism Has Been Fully Realized Here

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Communism Has Been Fully Realized Here


The pursuit of an ideal society has been an everlasting ideological subject for sages and saints of mankind. The establishment of an ideal society has always been a direction and goal aspired by great politicians. Mankind has never stopped its exploration and pursuit of an ideal society, from the ideal of Great Harmony practiced by China's sage Confucius, to the ideal of Republic advocated by ancient Greek philosopher Plato, to Utopia proposed by Thomas Moor of England, to Utopian Socialism of Saint Simon and Fourier, to communism founded by Marx in Germany. There have been various attempts to establish an ideal society, from New Harmony Village created in Indiana of America by Robert Owen of England, to Collective Farms launched by Stalin of Russia, to People's Commune established by Mao Zedong in China, to Mountain-shore Village in Japan, and to Kibbutz in Israel.

Actually, "Kingdom of God" described by Jesus Christ in the Bible, the Elysium World mentioned by Buddha in Buddhist Sutra, the "society of harmony" portrayed by Lao Tzu in Tao Te Ching are all ideal societies.

Now we can say that one common goal, namely the highest ideal of life mankind can achieve, has been described and pursued by Great Harmony, Republic, Utopia, Ideal Land, Harmonious Society, Communism, the Kingdom of God, and the Elysium World.

The highest ideal society pursued by mankind must have the following 18 characteristics:

1. "Public ownership is the prevailing way under Tao".

2. There is no private ownership, all properties are shared.

3. There is no marriage, no family, no political party, no religion, no state, no organization of any


4. There is no currency.

5. "The talented are put to good use, and the whole world will be one family".

6. "No one will pocket anything found on the road, and doors will not be bolted at night"

7. "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need".

8. "Recommend and assign the talented to important tasks, advocate good faith and harmony".

9. "The old are taken care of, the strong are put to good use, and the widowed, orphaned, sick and handicapped are well provided."

10. All members have meals at public dining halls.

11. Normally the work hours will be limited within six hours per day.

12. Rich and plentiful material wealth without extravagance and waste.

13. Extremely harmonious social relations and high spiritual realm.

14. Rich and colorful cultural entertainment and games.

15. Everyone develops freely in an all-round manner, everyone brings his or her talent into full play, all things are put to good use.

16. Everyone has a joyful, happy, free and blessed life.

17. Everyone is in the service of the others and no one owes anyone anything.

18. The environment is clean, tidy, elegant and serene, like an earthly paradise.

It can be said that the above 18 conditions have been basically realized in the life of the Second Home created by Lifechanyuan. In another word, communism has been fully implemented in the Second Home, or it may be said, the kingdom of the Greatest Creator has descended upon the earth.

As the founder of communism Marx has said, "without belief in God(the Greatest Creator), and without identity with Christ, mankind cannot possess truly perfect virtue to pursue truth and light", "Only God(the Greatest Creator) can save us." The facts have proved this to be true. The complete realization of mankind's ideal society in the Seond Home of Lifechanyuan is the very fruit of our reverence for the Greatest Creator and our observance of the way of the Greatest Creator. Of course, we have another secret, that is we have imitated and copied the life and production model of the Thousand-Year World of the heavenly kingdom.

Today I hereby proclaim to the whole mankind: Communism has been realized in the Second Home and the kingdom of the Greatest Creator has descended upon the earth.

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