The Spirit of Chanyuan Celestials

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The Spirit of Chanyuan Celestials

Hundun Celestial (Xue Feng)
(Translated by Tongxin and Edited by Kaer)

We are the grass of the earth and our roots grow deep into the fertile soil. The sun shines to us, the rain and dew moisten us, and the Greatest Creator blesses us continuously, therefore, we have endless power.

We are not lonely anymore because we have found the homeland for our spirits and souls, we have many bosom friends in our home, and whenever we encounter hard or challenging conditions, only we can break down the barriers and win rich and colorful lives.

We can create and build oases in the desert and shining lighthouses in the darkness. No matter how heavy the wind and sandstorms blow, nor how strong the burning heat and frigid cold might hit us, we remain upright and indomitable and we stand confidently and proudly between heaven and earth with smiles on our faces.

What we do today is all the arrangement of the Greatest Creator, it is the mission bestowed upon us by the Greatest Creator, we are the Greatest Creator's favored citizens, it is our glory to serve the Greatest Creator, and nothing can block us from continuing to strive toward and move forward with full speed and courage.

Today, the heavy burden of creating a new life mode for the new era is undertaken by us, we are the hope of human beings, and it is mainly we who are the guarantors for leading human beings into this healthy, rich, free, and blessed era.

It does not matter which country, nationality, political party, or which religion, organization, and belief system people come from, people must adjust their values on the world, life, and value according to Lifechanyuan values. This is the requirement of the age and the wishes of all kind, diligent, honest, and trustworthy people. It is also the ideal pursued by all sages and saints for generations, and the objective law which cannot be changed by any individual’s will.

Our lives are the greatest lives because they have abandoned vulgar interests. In our hearts, we have shining lights and a big love, such lights and love can resolve all contradictions and unhappiness in the human world and lead us all into a lovely, beautiful spring garden.

We are ready to fight at anytime. Our weapons are not swords, guns, or missiles, but a big love for nature, people, life, and LIFE. Love is the weapon in our fight, we will smash any shackles and chains with the power of love, and we will break through the darkness that has existed for thousands of years with the light of love and knock down all firm, old castles with the power of love.

When we are faced with extremely harsh conditions, that lone figure fighting on could only be a Chanyuan Celestial of Lifechanyuan. When wind and sandstorms blow fiercely, evil raises its head, and people are scared and trembling in the dark, that one person walking bravely and firmly with strength and courage could only be a Chanyuan Celestial of Lifechanyuan. When danger and death come and people are pessimistic, desperate, and have lost their way, if one person is calm and peaceful without changing his face, still singing and dancing happily, then he could only be a Chanyuan Celestial of Lifechanyuan.

No false or evil power can beat us and no fear of danger can frighten us because we are no longer bodies, but spirits, expansive spirits that go beyond time and space, invincible spirits that can be neither beaten nor smashed.

We have boundless and inexhaustible soul power because we are with the Greatest Creator, we are with the earth, we are with sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, honesty, and diligence, we are with light, and we are with all people who love peace and justice in the world. Our souls are as strong as rocks and we are angels of the new era.

Of this, we are very confident! It is a confidence coming neither from ignorance and blind arrogance, nor from unrealistic illusions, nor even from naive fairy tales and fables. Our confidence comes from the source energy of the universe, the rich life experience, our full awareness of Tao, and the realistic valuable judgment to life and LIFE. Moreover, it is coming from the passionate hope for life and our big and deep love of LIFE.

We will no longer fight for personal gains, nor for the benefits of families, groups, or nations. We will not fight for political parties or religious organizations ever again because such fights would be too tiny, narrow, craven, and shortsighted. We will fight for the blessings of all human beings and strive for turning the earth into a fairyland for all life beings.

We are overwhelmed with good psychological qualities and we have endless power in our hearts because we are one with “Nature, Love, and Tao”. We are kind, as flexible and ever-changing as water yet as firm as steel. We “have no shadows when hiding”, and are “like young dragons when emerging”, as ordinary as the grasses growing along the road yet as extraordinary as mountains standing tall and upright into the sky.

If heaven did not send forth Jesus and Buddha, then all the times of the human world would remain clouded in darkness, and if mankind did not have Chanyuan Celestials, then wonderful lives would remain impossible to find even after searching for thousands of years. We will awaken all sleeping souls and let them enjoy bright and splendid futures, break the unbroken darkness with our wisdom, and use our talents to pave a rainbow that all might have access to a happy land. We will warm every frozen soul with our love, expand the lands of oases with the enormous power of our spirit and soul, and we will create a fragrant, joyful, and happy fairyland with songs, flowers, smiles, and warm affections in this human world.
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