The Ways to Obtain Joy, Happiness,Freedom, and Blessing

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The Ways to Obtain Joy, Happiness,Freedom, and Blessing

Xue Feng

We yearn for a joyful, happy, free and blessed life, we pray for a joyful, happy, free and blessed life, but how can we make our wish become reality?

First, we should grasp the tenet, that is, we should hold in respect and awe the Greatest Creator, LIFE, and nature and should follow the way of the Greatest Creator. This is the precondition for the accomplishment of our aspirations. Secondly, we should get rid of contention, fight, comparison, jealousy, complaint, and possession, and try our best to be free from an ego, a personality, a being, a LIFE, a dharma, a non-dharma. Our mind should not reside anywhere but blend with nature. We should also understand that the process of LIFE is a game and we should be good at playing games.

The above requirements are the basic guarantee for the achievement of joy, happiness, freedom, and blessing. However, simply meeting the above requirements is not enough, we must also pay attention to the way to achieve these goals.

One can only get joy from living in the collective that shares the frequency and resonance. One can not get joy by living alone, neither can one get joy from living with people that do not share the same frequency with you. Therefore, we should seek the group that share our frequency and resonate with us, we should work, study, play games and live with them.

Happiness derives from labor and creation. A lazy person that does not work and create shall never understand what happiness is. Only those who engage them actively in work and creation can experience the feeling of happiness in their own labor and creation.

Freedom does not fall from the sky and thus should be earned through earnest endeavors.

Freedom is not given by anyone, instead one should protect his right endowed by heaven. One should say “no” firmly and resolutely when the freedom of one’s soul, spirit, and flesh is restricted by a theory, a sermon, a way of thinking, a programme, a system, an individual, or a group of people. “Freedom is the most precious thing in LIFE”, if you lose freedom you subject yourself to the status of a slave, who has no freedom.

One should pay a cost for the obtainment of freedom. It would only be lunatic ravings to wish for the gain of freedom effortlessly. Without great affliction and hard tempering, it is very difficult to march from the realm of necessity to the realm of freedom.

Blessing is derived from unselfish devotion, the more unselfish devotion one makes, the more blessing he will have. A selfish and self-centered person who only lives for himself all his life will never experience the feeling of blessing. The person who devotes himself unselfishly to the blessing of mankind and all LIVES is the most blessed person in the world. The more unselfish service one renders, the more blessed he will be, and the less unselfish service one renders, the less blessed he will be.

Let's forge ahead and make our way to the life realm of joy, happiness, freedom and blessing!

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